Sunday, March 11, 2018

"Fair Play"

Dear County Board,
Yet once again, we see that one side will cheat and violate regulations, ordinances and laws to advance their cause.

If you got campaign literature from Anna Marie Clausen 4 Mount Pleasant, Ram Bhatia, Bud Eastman and Floyd Skip Leonard stuck in the flag of your mailbox like this, please call the Perry Ave. Post Office at 262/632-1008 or the Sturtevant Post Office at 262/886-4104 during regular business hours to report it.

They are breaking the law - and they know it. You may not interfere with the function of the flag.
Please - PLAY FAIR!
Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

One criminal act after another - while Racine County DA Trish 'The Ham" Hanson remains complicit and absent while on duty as Sheriff Christopher Schmaling provides cover by refusing to investigate serious complaints.

County of Racine is a rigged shithole of graft, corruption, and nepotism.