Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my baked potatoes!  How are you?  Well done? Get ready for another short burst of heat after today.  More mirages.  In the heavy heat, I'll only work out of my home or the home of another with a/c. That heat and humidity were oppressive.  It slows me down.

Did you see that post by Mr Clint Teeters?  He was in court recently to defend himself against charges of pornography.  They decided that he just looks pornographic.  They put him in jail, "for his own good."

If we have artificial intelligence, do we also get artificial mood swings and depression?  AI will mean the end of mankind, except, perhaps, in some lonely outposts.  That's where the resistance will start.  We must smash AI.

Hey, a personal friend of Mr Mayor Cory Mason got appointed to the job of Mason's assistant.  Not a whisper from anyone other than the folks at Talking Racine.  It's good to be king.

I believe that Mr Mayor Cory Mason believes that if he keeps on smiling and unveiling worthless programs, that he'll go to heaven.  To hell with the rest of is.

"When you get out there, everything else melts away," said Milwaukee relief pitcher Gus Tareyton.  We need his laser-like focus on the truth.

There's enough slippery palms in City Hall.  And enough is too much.

What's going on with Machinery Row?  Remember when they announced the project?  They had a table and microphonr set up so that local heavyweights could weigh in on the subject.  Mr. Ex-Mayor Lying John was in his element then.  He was great at announcing projects.  Too bad that few of them got done.

I heard that someone was interested in the Porter's property but they want the whole block, displacing the Unitarian church.  If they can find an empty church to put the Unitarians in, we might see some action on this parcel.

I'm cutting it short.  I'm running late and have a million things to do.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Tell your friends,  I can use the increase in my sales base.

It's supposed to be cooler today, but sunny.  Then we get back into the hyper-high temperatures.  Oh boy.  I can hardly wait.
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