Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dos and don'ts!  How are you?  The weather has been amenable, for the most part.  And Junior and Señor Zanza have decided to paint the garage.  I tried to tell Señor Zanza that Junior and ladders don't mix.  So he promised to keep Junior on the low side.  Right now they're still scraping the garage.  Then comes a coat of primer.  Then comes two coats of the final color.  Actually, Junior and painting don't mix, either.  Señor Zanza will discover this sooner or later.  I wonder about how many spilled buckets of paint it will take before Señor Zanza kicks Junior off of the job.  I swear, that boy isn't good for anything other than listening to loud rock music and chasing girls.  What's the pay rate for those skills?

I think Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are gay lovers.  There, I said it.  Obviously, Putin is the pitcher.  And Trump loves it.  It explains so much.

I was saddened to hear about another mass shooting, in Toronto.  I really don't know how to stop these rampages.  There would have to be some basic ground shift before words mean much.  A crazy guy and a gun - what a terrible situation.  If only someone had been armed and took this guy out before he killed and maimed so many.  If only, if only . . .  There has to be some way to screen these guys before they pop.  We're at the mercy of wackos and terrorists.  Oh my.

We're also at the mercy of groups pretending to be other groups.  There's no rhyme or reason, just the violence they inflict upon us.  I believe that such violence is failed communication, failed tolerance.  Let's pray for the victims of such violence and pray for a way out of this cycle of murder.  Sometimes it seems as if our society is coming apart at the seams.  Yet we persist.  Is that gallantry or stupidity?

I see that Mount Pleasant has created its own tourism bureau.  I have to agree that since Mount Pleasant supplied the vast majority of Real Racine's budget, it should have been featured more, instead of the insane preoccupation with downtown Racine.  Why do they believe that they deserve better than the rest of us?  They're 10% of the population, but make 90% of the noise.  Wake up to the rest of the city around you.

How about an arena on the failed Machinery Row property?  There's plenty of room.  And we can be home to the Foxconn Foxes.  In any sport.  We can put a hotel down there, too.  See how things work out?

I suggest that the new arena be named after Mr. Ex-Mayor Lying John Dickert.  The Lying John Memorial Arena and Whorehouse.  That sounds great.  Where were they going to get the money for the arena when it was proposed along Lake Ave?  A TID or TIF or just rob a bank?  The arena could be configured for basketball, baseball, and football.  It would be a boon to downtown.  All those sporrts players need someplace to spend their millions. We might even get a bookstore back.  (No, not that kind,)

Let's make Foxconn pay us for once and fix up the eyesores in downtown (hint, hint, Porter's property).  Do we really want a vaping lounge and a headshop in downtown?  How desperate are we to fill vacant storefronts.  (Hmm, maybe that kind of bookstore would do well in the new downtown.)

That's it for this week, kiddos.  Thank you all for reading.  I love you.  Don't forget to email me with your requests and desires.

Enjoy the summer weather.  Remember January.  Have a great time.  Dopn't forget to take home an immigrant tonight.
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