Monday, July 30, 2018

"Marijuana advisory referendum proposed for City of Racine"

From The Journal

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RACINE — John Tate II, the alderman for Racine’s 3rd District, wants to find out what Racinians think about marijuana legalization.

On Tuesday, he plans to request the City of Racine Public Works and Services Committee to allow a nonbinding advisory referendum on the Nov. 6 general election ballot that will ask voters the following: “Do you support cannabis being legalized for adult and medicinal use, taxed and regulated like alcohol, with the proceeds from the taxes used to fund public education, health care and infrastructure in Wisconsin?”

Since this would be an advisory referendum, no changes would be made to Racine’s laws based on the result of the vote. It would be purely informational.

“This referendum … is an important step towards ending the crisis levels of incarceration seen in our state and across the country for nonviolent drug offenses,” Tate said in a news release Sunday. “My hope, too, is to move towards breaking the pharmaceutical industries’ stranglehold on pain relief and open a new door for members of our community to manage pain and ailments.”

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Wow, 25 comments and counting.  I'm not even going to wade into that.  I think it's more importamt to outlaw alcohol than it is to legalize reefer.  That would put everyone on eqqual footing.  If you're going to point to Prohibition, I'm going to popint to all the uses of marijuana before Harry Anslinger demonized it.  He could've used some.  Chill him out. 

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