Sunday, October 7, 2018

Lodged Objects

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

In addition to the proposed legislation concerning LBGQT persons,

See: Amendment would expand LGBTQ protections in the City of Racine
I ask that that the Common Council seriously consider the question of "Lodged Objects"

Especially since Mayor Cory Mason wields Blue fists....

Let Sweden lead  - and Racine follow:

Sweden plans to make sex toys safer because so many people get them stuck in their rectum

"Sex toys are used in the entire world and as far as I know there is no research which can state what is the most common injury. Since these products are used everywhere it is important that the standard now being developed becomes global," explained Anna Sjögren from SIS when contacted by The Local.
The most commonly lodged objects were dildos and butt plugs, which the study by a southern Stockholm hospital found were present in just over 40 percent of cases. In the remainder, a variety of other objects, including candles, bottles and vegetables were found, though the report noted that the incidents leading to the accidents were almost always linked to "sexual pleasure".
Those who sought treatments for lodged objects were disproportionately likely to be male, with a median age of 41, though the total age range spanned from 15 to 92.
What's more, the authors noted that the true figure of sex toy retention was likely even higher than the study suggests, "given reluctance to seek care for a potentially embarrassing condition". They also suggested that a "safety string or adequate-sized stopper" could have prevented many of the affected patients from retaining the items.
The SIS' proposal for sex toy standards will be submitted to the International Organization for Standardization in the hope that it will be adopted by other countries.
"Currently there are no international or Swedish standards for these types of products. Each manufacturer and retailer have their own test methods based on standards and rules from documents with similar material or safety perspective," Sjögren said.
"This works in many cases, but guidelines in the form of a standard can contribute to the quality ensures of the products in general, with requirements on safety, consumer information and risk analysis not only stopping injuries but can lead to a reduced number on incidents."

Sex toys lodged in the rectum is an embarrassment which should not be allowed to go public - and be covered by City provided health insurance.

I am asking that the City Council maintain safeguards and privacy for those that use sex toys and might find themselves in compromising positions from  their use.

City of Racine Attorney Scott Letteney can provide appropriate legal  guidance -


Tim & Cindy


Anonymous said...

Cory Mason and Scott Letteney should be required to attend dislodging classes and be made to perform the dislodging of such objects.

TSE said...

I'm sick and tired of Cory Mason shoving his Blue Fist up my Azz!

*FUCK* Oppressive and confiscatory property and income taxes!