Sunday, October 7, 2018

RDA Loses over $7M

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

The 2017 Audited Financial Statement reveals the following:

City of Racine Taxpayers who feel the burn that the ever increasing property taxes and fees imposed by City of Racine Mayors and Alderpersons are becomingly more and more onerous and out of line with the Consumer Price Index, aren’t just imagining that burning feeling – it is real, as the 2017 Audited Financial Statement reveals.

It is just Business as Usual in City of Racine, as the unaccountable Racine Development Authority lost $7,304,144 in TID collections, and passed that cost on to Residential taxpayers – with NO  repayment schedule required – since the Residential taxpayers are on the hook and going to pay – through extortion – aka onerous property taxes, by any other name….

Former Mayor John Dickerts much bally-hooed Tid 18 – Machinery Row was the loss leader – costing taxpayers nearly $7,000,000 – not counting the destruction ,clean up costs and planning time wasted by the RDA in concocting yet another failed plan for the criminally led City of Racine:

Well, well, the spectacularly *FAILED* Machinery Row  Project might actually COST taxpayers $65M when it is all done and settled…. instead of bring in Constructive and Productive Development. Residential Taxpayers will *NEVER* see any tax relief in criminally led Mayor Cory Mason’s Blue Fist Collective!

Meanwhile, Former Mayor John Dickert’s bestest personal friend – Micah Waters – continues to hold onto the former Porter’s Property while refusing to pay the property taxes due and shifting that burden to the much beleagured Residential Taxpayers living in City of Racine. City Officials plan on Residents being deaf, dumb, and blind – and they are correct!

Don't stop Believing.... (the lies of the Corporate Clowns leading Residents into never ending Debt and lies of future City led productive ventures)


Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

Crime after crime - time after time -

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling only nods his head in approval.

Racine County IS a crime scene.

And County Executive Jonathan Delagrave approves....

While seriously incompetent and unqualified RC DA Trish "The Ham" Hanson provides cover....

Kriminals - one and all - coming to steal your wealth - destroy your Community - and propagate their own. At Residents expense....