Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jackyl - Dirty Little Mind


TSE said...

The Days of Whine and Roses ends when ya catch her from behind.

Jus saying - Orbs.

The Dither needed the plither in the Underworld,

Dirty Little Mind.

TSE said...

Using Cats as substitute for having children is ....

A sign of the Times.

Tattoo parlors are experiencing a decline in customers for the first time in years, maybe decades. 70% of laser tattoo removal clients are women.

My hope is that we are entering a new age of revitalized femininity, when (White) women rebel against the tankgrrl ethos that has dominated the American sexual market landscape for the past two generations.

I, for one, am sick and tired, not to mention repulsed, by the butt-kicking superbabes, the gun-toting NRA babes, the careerist shrikes, and the battlecunts storming Cuntgress.

I want feminine women back. Beautiful, soft, vulnerable, charming feminine girls who don’t have a stick up their asses about men.