Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my Little Rascals!  How are you?  I'm so-so.  I'm still kind of groggy after two weeks off.  Is this the Psychics' Section?  It is?  Good!  I need to rest among my own kind.  Oy vey!

The weather certainly has been schizophrenic.  In the 60's one day, then a blizzard overnight, then back to the 60's.  The only thing crazier are our political parties.

Everyone is back in place after our elections, taking potshots at each other.  Getting work done does not matter, Only "wounding the enemy."  They're being paid tens of thousands of dollars to call each other names.  A kindergarten class could do just as well and would be much cheaper.  What an education for those who are partnering with us.  American politics will be seen as potty-mouthed sandbox biffs.   My God, we can't have the reality get out.  Our sides of the government just make up facts now and call each other names.  Just like their President. When all else flails, oops, distract!  

Meantime, the local scene has become overheated with Foxconn Fever.  Everyone and their mother are putting up apartments or repurposing old buildings.  And I mean Big Time.  What happens if Foxcon craps out on us?  What if they decide to just put in a gas station?  How were we supposed to know that they are locked in a life or death struggle with Casey's convenience stores?

If Foxconn burps, the Legislature says, "Excuse me."

What happens if it's more than a burp?

What if the window of opportunity on Wisconsin has already closed?

Then what?


Don't even think like that.  "Foxconnwill, Foxconnwill, Foxconwill, . . . "

Cause if it don't, we're in a boatload of trouble.  A sinking boatload of trouble. A sputtering airplane engine because we didn't finish designing it before we started flying it.  Even the change in metaphors hasn't helped.  Air planes, train engines, same difference?  I think they started flying the plane before they finished designing the train.     

It must be nice to have billions of dollars to throw around America.  Watch the Boy Scouts jump.  Listen to them pander to your language.

I bet if we started bombing that site, the Japanese would have a military industrial complex built overnight, most of it underground.  

They should have imported their own construction workers, too.  Heck, maybe their own staff to run the place.  They seem to be getting nowhere fast with our people.

As soon as the local production company makes peace with the Mafia, everything will be under control.

Ah so!
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