Friday, April 19, 2019

Dear Village Board,

A Better Mount Pleasant sends: 
"The state’s contract with Foxconn defines its Wisconsin project as 
including a “Gen 10.5” facility, or one that typically produces 
larger, TV-sized screens." 
The contract with Mount Pleasant says exactly the same thing - even 
though Project Manager Claude Lois lied to residents on Monday in the 
public information meeting by saying the contract says 10.5 OR 6.5. It 
doesn't. We pay him $250K a year to lie to us and misrepresent the 
A very disturbing development, indeed. 
It appears that MTP Residents will soon be treated to *NEW* and 
*IMPROVED* Tax Rates and Hikes, due to the Foxscam failure, courtesy 
of Dave DeGroot's shiny new Sewer Pipeline, aided and abetted by his 
fellow covert Foxconn Employees which includes the MTP Village Trustee 
Board majority, City of Racine Mayor "BFF" Mayor Cory Mason, County 
Executive Jonathan Delagrave, and scorned Ex-Gov 
Failed College Grad Scott Walker. 
Pretty soon those shiny new sewer lines will be carrying the 
contaminated waste water from Mount Pleasant back to City of Racine to 
be dumped back into Lake Michigan! MTP Village President David 
DeGroot, BFF Racine Mayor Cory Mason, and his Minions (acting as MTP 
Trustees) have been Foxconned and sold out Residents to the Banksters, 
Land Speculators, Lawyers and Corporate Interests. 
Of course, I could be wrong, and as soon as the Gen 10.5 Foxconn 
manufacturing complex, as stipulated in the contract between State of 
WI and Foxconn, is operating, property taxes in Racine County will 
drop to near *ZERO*, or be like Alaska, and Residents will enjoy a 
Foxconn Tax Dividend! And everybody will live happily ever after.* 
* Results may vary…. 
Tim & Cindy

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