Thursday, May 16, 2019

Fresh coat of paint for sculpture Becker commissioned, part of uptown revitalization

RACINE — Uptown's tangled red sculpture is showing its age; some edges are speckled with rust but in some places, particularly inside the artwork, whole stretches are more rust than paint.
The sculpture was commissioned by former Mayor Gary Becker to herald a new era for the neighborhood as an arts district, a vision that quickly fell apart after Becker's arrest in 2009.
Now, Visioning a Greater Racine's revitalization team is reviving the dream of an arts district but on a smaller scale; instead of inviting artists across the country to flock to Uptown, they hope to beautify and revitalize the district through public art that also promotes local "artists, creatives and influencers."
Kristina Campbell, owner of The Branch, 1501 Washington Ave., is spearheading an initiative, along with the local nonprofit Visioning a Greater Racine, to show the sculpture some love.
"It's in pretty rough shape," she said.

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Let it rust away.  That way it will more accurately represent Uptown.

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TSE said...

Just South - is the Garden which houses Mother Racine watching over all of us.

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