Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wisconsin Supreme Court suspends Racine County judge for 'concerning' behavior

Racine County Circuit Court Judge Michael Piontek is shown during a sentencing in 2015.
MADISON — A Racine County judge will be suspended for five days without pay, after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that he his behavior was "concerning" and "obviously unethical" in regards to two 2014 court cases.
The unanimous court, in an unsigned order Tuesday, said that Racine County Circuit Court Judge Michael Piontek's judicial misconduct in two cases from 2014 warranted the suspension.
The ruling comes after a panel of three Wisconsin court of appeals judges in January recommended Piontek be suspended for between five and 15 days without pay. Piontek had urged the panel to recommend “a public reprimand only,” the ruling document states.

Read more:https://journaltimes.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/wisconsin-supreme-court-suspends-racine-county-judge-for-concerning-behavior/article_5d53444b-623a-54c9-abc5-56067ad2a6c1.html 

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legal stranger said...

Judges Eugene Gasiorkiewicz and Lisa Neubauer engage in criminal misconduct with verified criminal and ethic complaints filed against them and the Wisconsin judicial Commission and Wisconsin Supreme court turns a blind eye and deaf ear to the complaints.

You may read the complaints here:



Our courts are in need of cleansing.