Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Mayor to announce Downtown hotel project on Wednesday

From The Journal Times.com:

RACINE — Downtown Racine appears on track for another hotel project.
At an event scheduled for Wednesday, Racine Mayor Cory Mason plans to host representatives of Dominion Properties at his office to make an announcement about a new $27 million hotel development in Downtown Racine.
The specific location for the hotel was not named in a release advancing Wednesday's announcement.
Downtown Racine has been the specified locations for two hotel announcements this year, but little visible progress has occurred thus far in connection to those announcements.
In June, a $48 million, plans for a 174-room Sheraton Hotel and convention center that would connect to Festival Hall was announced.
Mason said of the proposal at the time of the announcement: “If you needed to do a trade show, our space (Festival Hall) is really good for that. But if you needed to do breakout rooms or banquet hall sort of stuff, it’s got limitations. So this would allow us to do both."
In May, Hovde Properties of Madison announced plans for a $40 million, 190 market-rate apartments and a five-story hotel at the former We Energies property at 233 Lake Ave., the southeast corner of Lake Avenue and Gaslight Drive.
Mason said of the plan at the time of the announcement: “It provides two things that we need more of: Market-rate housing and hotel space, so it seems a good fit for the site.”

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