Thursday, May 28, 2020

Racine businesses reopen despite spike in coronavirus cases


Racine's stay home expired Tuesday allowing businesses to reopen after two months.
But the move comes as there has been a spike in coronavirus cases in the county.
There have been more than 850 positive cases in the city.
Tangles Salon on Main Street was among the businesses to welcome customers back.
"Oh my God, wonderful. It was just one of the first things I wanted to do," Kathy Reyheart said.
"I was the first one at 8 o'clock," Mary Miller said.
There appointments are booked for at least the next two weeks.
"We're starting off real slow with just a few stylists at a time," salon owner Janna Coca said.
She's allowing three stylists per shift and everyone must wear a face mask.
Coca has also eliminated the waiting room.
Customers cannot enter until their stylist is ready for them.
At Maple Table down the street, customers can now dine in.
"I'm nervous because I want our guests to feel comfortable, and I don't know when we're ever going to reach that point again," owner Tamara Lopiparo said.
Her staff is wearing face shields and they're limiting capacity and sanitizing pens after each use.
"It's just a whole new way of doing business protecting ourselves and our guests," Lopiparo said.
Businesses are open but operating differently.
"They've been patient with us thankfully, but everyone wants to start looking and feeling the way they did eight weeks ago, so they're very very happy to get in," Coca said.
Gyms are also open to 10 visitors at a time and they must remain 6 feel apart.

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