Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dears!  How are you?  As you can see in my picture at left, I'm being politically correct in Racine by wearing a mask. I certainly don't want Mr. McMayor Cory 'Butterball' Mason to arrest me for not wearing the proper personal protective equipment.  Just to our south, Kenosha has no such ordnance.  They're doing just fine.  I believe that McMayor Butterball is trying to make himself out to some sort of "savior" of Racine.  What horse poop!  McMayor Butterball lives like a king in his all-white enclave in a very wealthy district in northern Racine.  Yet, he wants to be perceived as a man of the people.  Ditch the ritzy digs, Butterball, if you want to be believed.  As I see it, you are a spoiled, rich boy.  Just another lying politician who is out to loot Racine for his personal gain.  Oh my.

As for the $600 federal unemployment benefit set to expire at the end of this week, all I can say is, "Are you crazy?"  The Republicans claim that the benefit is a disincentive to work.  Work where?  Am I supposed to get a job at an Amazon warehouse where COVID-19 is running rampant?  How about some of these Congressmen losing their pay?  Then they'll feel the pinch that the rest of us feel.  My business has been in the toilet for months.  My family needs the money.  Have you ever tried to feed a hungry teenager with no food?  Shame, shame on Congress!

How about the surge of COVID-19 in the southern states?  That's what they get for reopening their beaches and bars too soon, not to mention the churches.  What is the mater with the governors of those states?  Don't they believe the science behind COVID-19 research?  Keep thumbing your noses at the coronavirus, then die.  Fools!

By the way, Dr, Fauci has become one of my favorite medical people.  It's too bad that President Trump is attacking the doctor for telling the truth about the pandemic. 

He's so sweet, but not much of a pitcher . . .

Back to Racine, the RUSD referendum recount has been appealed again.  The biggest problem is that RUSD itself performed the recount.  What kind of  bat guano is that?  As usual, the law means little in Racine.  Stealing a referendum, or an election, are all just part of the ruling pigs' normal behavior.  Oink, oink, RUSD!  You're already spending that $1 billion, aren't you?

It's difficult to be optimistic or positive about Racine when the pandemic and swine "leaders" cloud the issues.  Don't forget HOT Government.  It's our best hope for reform.

That's it, my dears.  Thank you so much for reading my blog today.  I love you.  We are family.

Please be sure to respect one another.  It's our best hope for peace.
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