Saturday, July 25, 2020

Trump vows to not rename military bases honoring Confederate leaders

From New York Post:

Donald TrumpGetty Images

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday vowed to strike down legislation renaming military bases that honor Confederate leaders after Congress this week overwhelmingly voted to pass the move.
Trump had previously threatened to use his presidential veto to kill the $740 billion defense bill, but lawmakers overruled him when the Senate and House both approved the measure with veto-proof votes of 86-14 and 295-125, respectively.
In a tweet Friday morning, the president announced he was changing tack and claimed that GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a Trump ally, would help him squash the renaming.
“I spoke to highly respected (Chairman) Senator @JimInhofe, who has informed me that he WILL NOT be changing the names of our great Military Bases and Forts, places from which we won two World Wars (and more!),” the president wrote.

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