Monday, November 30, 2020

Birders flock to Madison park for glimpse of bird rarely seen in Wisconsin

From The Journal

A black-throated gray warbler has been at Turville Point Conservation Park for at least a month.

Birders have been flocking to Turville Point Conservation Park for a glimpse of a bird rare to Wisconsin that’s been hanging around far out of its normal range and creating a lot of excitement in birding circles.

Nate Graham, 24, a bird enthusiast since elementary school, spotted the black-throated gray warbler two weeks ago at Turville woods, next to Olin Park, on Madison’s South Side, after learning about the bird’s arrival on the bird-tracking website eBird.

“It was really cool to see because it’s a bird that I’ve only seen before out West,” said Graham, who was in the woods hoping to see it again Thanksgiving morning but didn’t. “It’s associated with the mountains out West and then it shows up in Madison, which has only happened a few times before. So this bird, it’s just really out of place. It’s a bird that isn’t likely to be seen here again in years. It’s a great opportunity for people.”

Birder Neil Gilbert and three others documented on eBird that they saw the black-throated gray warbler Saturday. “It was foraging on the ground in the grass and tangled logs around the small scummy pond by the parking lot,” Gilbert wrote. It “would have been impossible to find except that it was calling regularly.”

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Tender Heart Bear said...

Hello Orbs, long time no see! Drew here... (too lazy too log in as me...)

Thanks for letting me know! Since I get hourly reports of rare birds via eBird, I'm well aware of this bird. It has been there for a couple of weeks mow, which is unusual for a rarity to stick around for that long. I have pretty much passed over chasing after this bird because I don't really feel like traveling to Madison. There was another one in the north side of Milwaukee earlier in the spring. Passed over that one too...