Saturday, March 6, 2021

Downtown Racine to host St. Patrick's Day pub crawl next Saturday

From TMJ4:

RACINE — Downtown Racine Corporation and 17 bars and restaurants will host a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl on March 13 with COVID-19 safety precautions in place.

Marci Bruley owns Marci's on Main in downtown Racine and is helping organize the event. She recalls St. Patrick's Day was the last day before the pandemic forced businesses to close.

"We were all devastated for quite a few months," Bruley said. "So this is just a hope, you know, something to bring stuff back a little bit for us."

Racine health rules allow bars and restaurants to operate at 50 percent capacity. Bruley says they will count and make sure people socially distance and wear masks.

City officials told TMJ4 News people and businesses need to follow and enforce COVID-19 safety precautions. A spokesperson said health officials advise you to wear a mask when you're not drinking, social distance from those not in your group, bring hand sanitizer with you, and wash your hands frequently.

State data shows Racine County has a high case activity level, and over the past seven days, the daily average of new confirmed cases is 17.

State health authorities say people can't let their guard down. Instead, if they want to socialize in person, they say go outside and stand six feet apart with masks.

"We are so close, Wisconsin," said DHS Deputy Health Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk. "And by combining increasing vaccines with strong preventive behaviors, we will reduce the threat of COVID-19 in our state."

The City of Racine Health Department data shows there have been 8,158 total cases and 112 total deaths.

There is no parade this year, but Bruley hopes people can support local businesses in some way.

"For families to come down and shop locally, come in, stop in for great food, eat lunch," Bruley said. "And have so many different locations so so many people aren’t crowded into one spot."

Tasia White opened Taejavu's on Main in October. She says it was her dream to open a restaurant to honor her roots.

"I started at the bottom," White said. "I started at the roughest moment for the restaurant industry, and to see the love and support my community and my city has given to me."

She said growing up her grandmother always made corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day, and she hopes she can share that tradition safely next Saturday.

"It is getting warmer and people are getting vaccines, and things like that, so people are definitely coming out more, so I'm just optimistic that it will be a fun Saturday," White said.



TSE said...

Nothing beats being in an Alcoholic Haze in Downtown Ratcine. It makes one forget what a shithole the mistake on the Lake really is.

Coree "Beer Belly" Masonic said...

I'm proud to preside over Ratcine, WI -

"Yet another Wisconsin city -- Racine -- ranks as the 15th drunkest metro area in the country, with 23.5 percent of adults reporting that they drink to excess. Interestingly, and perhaps relatedly, 31.8 percent of the population there is obese. Both of those rates are somewhat higher than the national averages of 18 and 27 percent, respectively.

What's more, 35.5 percent of all driving deaths in the area involve alcohol, and 319 deaths out of every 100,000 occur prematurely before the age of 75".

Douggie Niccholsen said...

Drunk Fest Ratcine! Party ON!

New at First Fridays: Beer garden (and controversy)

Nobody I spoke to objects to HarborFest; a few question why DRC should benefit, since the lion's share of the event's costs are borne by the merchants. But the core objection is that the beer garden will change the focus of the event, and detract from its main purpose: shopping downtown.

As Doug Wick, owner of Common Scents said, "It's moving away from the idea of bringing people to our shops, in favor of getting people more hammered. This steps over into a party event, rather than a retailer event."

Sherry Etes, owner of Uncorkt, is the merchant most in favor of the beer garden. As the one-woman committee handling all the details of this year's First Fridays events it was her decision. "It was never intended to be a drunk fest," she said.

Anonymous said...

I get my news and views from Ivanhoes - just like former Mayor John Dickert!


Despite writing numerous personal commentaries in the newspaper, Racine Mayor John Dickert swears underoath and penalty of perjury that he does NOT read the paper!!!

Juan Dickless said...

Ivanhoes has the hottest Servers in Downtown Ratcine! So when I'm there collecting the green (for my campaign) while spending the People's green I've got my eyes on da Green!

Party on Dooggie!