Friday, March 5, 2021

Foxconn's plan to make robotic coffee kiosks quietly died. It joins the list of products promised but never made.

From JSOnline:
Ricardo Torres
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The first product coming out of the Foxconn Technology Group facility in Mount Pleasant was supposed to be robotic coffee kiosks. But the coffee kiosks — along with ventilators and large LCD screens — join the list of products that were promised for the massive site, but never delivered.

The high-tech coffee machines were announced in September 2019 with considerable fanfare.

Foxconn Industrial Internet, a subsidiary of Foxconn, said it had entered into a partnership with Briggo Coffee to produce its Coffee Haus kiosk, which customers can find at the San Francisco International Airport.   

At the time, Kevin Nater, CEO and co-founder of Briggo, said Foxconn Industrial Internet provides the company "the scale and speed necessary to revolutionize the global specialty coffee market." 

Then-president of the Foxconn division, Foo-Ming Fu said that "adding Briggo to our customer portfolio, we now have the opportunity to produce a cutting-edge, cloud-based, robotic retail platform through smart manufacturing capabilities needed to support their aggressive growth plans.”

But the deal with Foxconn never came together.

In May 2020, Briggo was bought by Coca-Cola. By then, the Foxconn coffee deal was long dead.

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