Wednesday, March 17, 2021


From Racine County Corruption:



Racine Weather Alert!

The City of Racine is about to become the center of a Shitstorm following revelations from Green Bay hearings that Mayor Cory Mason and many within his staff aided and promoted Facebook operatives to get involved with other cities concerning our national elections.

The "DIRTY FIVE" cities involved using facebook operatives include Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha and our great hometown of Racine. 

Open records requests and a criminal investigation of City of Racine officials begin on Wednesday, the 17th of March.

O'le the luck of the Irish.

Public Hearings may begin as early as May, 2021.

Mason's Alley ?

Since becoming Mayor of Racine, Cory has engaged in secret surveys, secret meetings, secret hearings and secret courts. 

He has manipulated and subverted city ordinances and made himself a sweetheart deal on his home taxes located on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Mayor Mason was directly involved in the fraud of Machinery Row. The fraud was perpetuated against the public and the DNR where once the public was allowed to enjoy the riverfront. The City of Racine accepted over $750,000 dollars from the DNR to build a riverwalk, kayak launch and Prominade.  Instead the city built  Brownfields. 

The fenced out Brownfields of Machinery Row is all that remains. It is without public access in violation of the DNR contract. Citizens remain in a state of disbelief that criminal charges have not yet not filed against corrupt public officials, 

Mason lacks a moral compass, so adding election fraud to his deplorables list would be right up Mason's Alley.

You may read more about election manipulation and alleged voter fraud here:

And here:

And here :

Preview attachment WI. Racine Safe Voting Plan.pdf

Who may be the first to be indicted ? 

Mayor Cory Mason


Vicky Selkowe
City of Racine, Manager of Strategic Initatives & Community Partnerships


Tara Coolidge
City of Racine Clerk


Shannon Powell
City of Racine, Chief of Staff / Communications Director



Who do you think may first be indicted?
Leave us a comment and tell us why

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TSE said...

Cory Mason for Prison! FIRST! Let the other 3 follow him later!

Lying, Cheating and Stealing is a way of life at Ratcine City Hall.