Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Summer 2021: Outdoor music in the Racine area

 Summer means spending time outside.

And that time is more fun when you add live music.

Here are places to find outdoor music all season long in the Racine area:

Racine Zoo music series

Music at the zoo this summer includes the 34th annual Animal Crackers concerts, along with the debut of Animal Crackers Junior and Music at the Zoo concerts.

“After a year of no music, we are back," said Beth Heidorn, Racine Zoo executive director. "We are so excited for all three of our concert series this year. We have some amazing artists that will be making music at the zoo and we want you to join us. These events will be done safely and they will get everyone together for friendship, good food and drinks and more importantly the music. These concerts benefit the zoo and our animals and are one more great thing to do in Racine.”

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