Friday, August 27, 2010

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! I'm back! Yep, back from that computer crash induced hiatus. Sorry to take so long. You know how it is... This weeks questions are about pets...

1) Do you have any pets?

2) What kind of animals were they? What were their names?

3) What pets did you have growing up?

4) What is your favorite animal?

Enjoy your weekend!


Beejay said...

1. Duh, yep...
2. Caz, and Sable, cocker spaniel and wiener dog, although Sable is actually Biggie D's!
3. Started out on a farm, you name it, I probably had it...cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses.
4. Sable and she is not a dog! Pardon me.

Sassa said...

1. Yes
2. A most beautiful cat, named Kitty
3. A dog named Lady
4. Favorite? A whale or a Clydesdale horse.

OKIE said...

1. Yes
2. A psycho dog named Harley. Had a parrot but he is now at the Little River Zoo enjoying his parrot friends Jack & Bucky.
3. Not really.
4. Truthfully, as much as I love Harley, I miss our sheltie Chelsea. She was one sweet dog.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Yes, a cat.

2) My cat's name is Charlie. He replaced another cat, Gordy, who passed away 4 years ago.

3) I always wanted a dog as a kid, but we didn't have much of a yard, so I couldn't have one. I "adopted" the neighbors' dog instead.

4) Cats are my favorite pets, but I guess my fave animals are birds.

Why Not? said...

1) Do you have any pets?
Not at the moment.. but I was raised with lots of animals

2) What kind of animals were they? What were their names?
2 budgies King Bluie and his lady Belle, but unfortunately they have passed away.

3) What pets did you have growing up?
cats I have had have been: Putter, Tubby, Blue, Puddin, Tag, Stacy, Mew, Kizzy and I'm sure there are actually more (my mom worked for an organization called Animalov and we would foster animals.. some stayed longer than others)
Dogs I have had Bear (a great dane), Abby (my girl a husky collie mix), Chewy (a petite basset griffin)
and a parrot named Molly

4) What is your favorite animal?
Think I'm more of a cat girl, but I really really miss my King bluie.. he was a hoot.

MinnesotaChick said...

1. yes
2. dogs. Drifter, Laydi, Kyra, Minnie
3. dogs
4. dog

RWWackoStu said...

1. Yes

2. A furry four legged daughter named Princess Greta the Beagle Drama Queen.

3. Always dogs

4. Dogs, whales and dplohins.

Lizardmom said...

1. yes
2. a really big ig named Sly
3. outside dog and guinea pigs
4. besides my big boy, I love my neighbor's dog Lucy, she's pitbull and my buddy, I'm just very allergic to her :(

drewzepmeister said...

1) Yes, I do!

2) I have a lovable Golden Retriever named Harley.

3) Oh geeze, so many of them. Had an English Springer,named Dusty, growing up. My family raised ducks, pheasant and quail for a hobby. Since then I've had cocketiels, finches, canaries, rabbits, cats, Guinea pigs, hamsters and fish for pets.

4) I have this thing for birds of prey.

SER said...

1) Do you have any pets?

2) What kind of animals were they? What were their names?
No pets no names

3) What pets did you have growing up?
Dogs, cats, ginny pigs, rabbits, hamsters and Parakeets.

4) What is your favorite animal?
My brother, he is one crazy SOB.

kkdither said...

1. No pets
2. No current pets/no names?
3. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtle, baby bunnies
4. Probably dogs

Toad said...

1. Yes. 3 dog's and a cat

2. Old gray cat named Smokey.
Old Black Lab named Ret.
Older yellow mutt named Daisy.
Younger Golden named Mobe.

3. Mostly cat's, but my oldest sister claimed to have dogs follow her home all the time.

4. Currently my Black Lab Ret.