Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"City committee recommends different management for Oasis"

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I remember the Oasis before it was the Oasis, when it was a beat down rat hole infested by druggies and gangbangers looking for trouble. It had been that way for years. Then Mr. Curtin had an idea. He proposed to the city that he open a business there and once again make it a safe place for people to patronize. They agreed and he started in. He had to fight off some of the scum who thought it was still their private piss hole. He worked and worked against the troublemakers, and he worked and worked to build his business. Soon, the Oasis became an integral part of North Beach's rebirth. Today, it is a smashing success.

So, of course, the city wants to mess with that. After one person's five year effort to build a flourishing business, the city intends to take it away from Mr. Curtin, because they want 5% more of the profits that they never earned in the first place. By "city" here, I, of course, refer to the high and mighty muckity-mucks in our local government who have never operated a successful business, but tell everyone else how to run theirs.

I know that the real city, the people of the city of Racine, Wisconsin, are better than that. We would never reward success by taking away someone's way of making a living. We would not demand 5% more of the profits unless we delivered 5% more in services. We are honest, forthright people. We don't treat others like that.

Of course, "we" are not the "city." The "city" is a force made of the select few who do as they wish with little regard to what we believe or think. I'd just like to apologize to Mr. Curtin on behalf of the people of the city of Racine, the real people who live and work here, and who patronized your Oasis. I am ashamed of our "leaders," sir, and I apologize for their greed. (GS Avarice LLC - look it up in your Funk & Wagnall's - they're spitting it right in our faces.) They do not represent us, only their own interests. Best wishes to you, sir, in all of your future endeavors.


OrbsCorbs said...

Why the hell don't all the top dogs in local government take a voluntary 5% pay cut instead? I don't give a damn about the financial impact. I just want to see a little empathy here for the people who carry this city on their backs.

kkdither said...

There is never any empathy. The top believe they deserve everything. Lately, they are doing their damn best to make sure their "underlings" don't succeed.

Have you been reading the cheers by some lately when negotiated work and benefits are taken away? Do those who cheer not see that they are next? Whenever anyone loses rights, we all lose rights.

Workers banded together and fought for decent pay, safe and reasonable work conditions.... When union jobs no longer provide these conditions, it is not long and they will soon be phased out of private employment as well. We are moving backward, not forward. Wake up, people. You ARE next.

Sassa said...

This is just how Salmon-A-Rama went down. Remember when it was just a couple of tents and a lot of volunteers? The city wanted a piece of the action. Built Festival Hall. It was downhill for SAR since then. 1st thing the city will want to do is build a new Oasis....the beginning of the end.What is wrong with locals making good?

Why Not? said...

Such a shame, I do remember when the Oasis wasn't a place to go near. Coming back here these last few times it has been an absolute joy to go down there and actually bring my girls there as well... I did the Zumba at the Oasis and watched the beach volley ball, none of this would have been possible not that many years ago..

I cannot understand why our city leaders cannot be happy with the extra tax revenue that comes in and someone actually caring for the building and area around. Why must they ask more from him especially when things are difficult for most people.. Be happy with the success you have down there, crime is lower in that area and it is a great place for tourism..

As far as I am concerned I would allow him to run it as long as he would like to, he obviously enjoys it and cares very much about his business.. I will agree with Orbs, I too am ashamed of those that are in charge of running our city.. I do have the optimistic belief that Racine will one day pick itself up by the bootstraps and once again become the city I know it can be and has been.. but as long as we have these crooked politicians who are out for themselves I fear it will take a lot longer..

Unknown said...

Wow KK this really isn't a union thing. You should wake up those of us who don't have cushy government jobs have had to make sacrifices while you have been protected. We can't continue down this path forever, the economy just will not bear it.

Amazing how you people make EVERYTHING about you.

kkdither said...

No, you are correct, this isn't a union thing. Exactly what I was saying. When anyone has their rights taken away, it trickles to everyone. Workers of all levels will find their jobs drastically changed.

Cushy job? Come do the running I do and tell me it is cushy. You don't know what you are talking about, and I take offense to your comment.

And, l also definitely take offense to the "you people" comment. When you look at individuals and say "you people".... right off the bat, you are off base and incorrect by generalizing.

Toad said...

RealDebate, I don't even know you, and don't want to, but one thing I do know, Is you people that think everybody that has a government jobs, doesn't suffer, DON'T GET IT. I will make what Is usually a long disjointed statement short, by saying. EVERYBODY Is suffering, except the RICH, who will not pay their FAIR share.

Regarding the ISSUE at the beach. WHY would a change be made to run a business that has been so sucessfull for so long, for a mere 5% The RISK of failure far outweighs the profit.

SER said...

First of all the City of Racine needs to get out of the Real Estate business. Like Festival Hall, that place has been an anchor on our ass since it has been built!

IF they want to be the property owner, then set a price per month and that’s it. Whatever the ‘renter’ makes is his or her business not the cities!

hale-bopp said...

Rather sensible there, Ser. I have never understood the need for those types of contracts municipalities impose on vendors.

My old home in Florida went through something similar last year with the Cafe on the Beach where they didn't renew the contract with the local person running it an awarded it to an outside firm. People weren't happy there either.

Toad said...

SER, You have the PERFECT answer, but we all know Government's are not that smart.