Friday, March 16, 2012

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Four for Fridays! It's been a long week and I've got a new computer stocked with new questions. Here are some of them...

1) What do you think of today's music as opposed to the music in the past?

2) What radio station do you listen to?

3) What recipe are you "famous" for?

4) What is your heritage?

Enjoy your weekend!


Why Not? said...

1. It's always worse at present times than it was in the past.. It's not until many years later when we forget all of the crappy music that we can truly appreciate the great music we have around.

2. I stay far away from Swedish radio stations (all 6 of them), they play over the overly played, overly hyped music that is popular at this very moment.. Back in the states, I always forget the stations, it takes me forever to remember which ones I like to listen to..

3. Hmm.. Over here it has to be my Sloppy Joes.. most Swedes have never had one and it's a big favorite when I make it.

4. Mostly Irish, Danish and German..

jedwis said...

Drew...your puter comes with these questions? Awesome baby.
1.I can answer that best by saying I don't listen to anything but old time rock and roll, and some ABBA, right Why Not?
2. Public radio just to keep abreast of current events, did I really say "abreast" lol
3. Bailey's, anyone want the recipe?

Let's go "P"
4. Ummm, no really, Irish. South side of Chicago with big,bad Leroy Brown. My last name had an "O" until the late 1800's when they dropped it for some crazy reason, that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

OKIE said...

1. That's a hard question. Although I love the oldies there is much to be said about todays music. I will say this, I'd rather listen to a "song" than someone screaming lyrics who can't sing a lick.

2. 92.5 KOMA Oklahoma City. Oldies and I do go over to the country ones as well.

3. I bake a mean Peanut Butter cookie with just three ingredients.

4. Why Not - I'm just like you. Irish, Danish & German.
Which reminds me, I'll have to go buy a beer tomorrow for St. Paddy's day. Just one though.

hale-bopp said...

1. Technology has made it so easy to find great music. If you can't find good music today, you really need to learn how to use the interwebs (although the state of pop music leaves much to be desired!) Modern recording is now available to a much wider range of musicians making the diversity of music greater than it has ever been.

2. I am an NPR listener. It's on right now.

3. Deserts, chocolate chip cookies. I would bring cookies to theater rehearsals. Those who did shows with me previously would run to be the frist to get them. People who hadn't done shows with me before learned to run to get them.

4. Mutt

Toad said...

First I would like to say, DON'T YOU EVER HAVE THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. LOL. THIS, and KK'S photo's are really all I live for.

1. I guess to be fair, we are not all that young anymore, and OUR music being (FAR SUPERIOR) just doesn't have the "wow factor" for MOST kids today.

2. Hee, Hee. It's an am turned fm somhow, and plays the older better stuff. Otherwise Madison's Oldie Station.

3. Roasted Prime Rib (Rib Roast to us, since I don't know where In the hell your gonna find a "Prime" Rib Roast?) Actually Costco has them at Christmas time.

4. Danish, Irish, English, Welsch, Bo-Hunk. Now "REDNECK"

Toad said...

Mary, YES, It comes In 5 liter cans now. All you need Is one.

Sassa said...

1. I am adding all my favs from the 50's & 60's to a playlist on UTube.

2. I listen to 95.7

3. Burnt hot dogs..only on one side.

4. 90% Norwegian (father) and 10% German (mom).

Tender Heart Bear said...

Toad- When we got the computer back last Friday night I asked him to post his Four for Fridays. I did try for everyone.

1) I would rather listen to the music from the past. The singers from then have more heart in their music then today's.

2) I listen to the lake station for rock music and then I do listen to country music too.

3) Well for Drew it is anything I cook for him but mainly homemade chocolate chip cookies. But for my kids it is my homemade stuffing and my old fashion peanut butter cookies.

4) German, Polish, Scotch and Jewish. Mainly German.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!♥

RWWackoStu said...

1. My wife says I listen to weird music. While I have been on a huge Rush kick for about a year now, I listen to a ton of what would be classified "indie/adult alternative".
I have also been getting in to world music a lot, and believe that it doesn't have to be on English to be good.

2. If I have the radio on, it's either 889 radio Milwaukee (love me some non-commercial radio!) or The Drive (at work), otherwide I am listening to Ipod, or Streaming

3. Chili

4. Bohemian, Danish and Swedish.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) I agree with Hale that there's good music everywhere and the web makes it all available. Often there's too much to choose from.

2) I don't much listen to the radio except in the truck. Then it's Gateway out of Kenosha with classical, or 4 or 5 rock stations, like the HOG and WIIL.

3) I make fantastic toast.

4) Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian. (One grandfather was a Cossack.)

kkdither said...

1. There is good music out there that is new. I would classify my likes as indie/adult alternative. I am not a fan of RAP music at all. The "boom" cars make me think that everyone will have hearing aids by the time they are 40.

2. WRJN, news, to wake me up. WXRT 93.1 (Chicago) in the car to work, Pandora streaming when I'm home.

3. I make a mean chocolate eclair torte.

4. Full blooded Dan-ger-ish.
(Danish/German, 50/50)

Toad said...

Tender Heart, and DREW, PLEASE don't take my comment as an honest jab at you guy's. I just had to say something smartass, to keep my identity. I know computers have problems, and If mine all went caput, I personally would be OUT OF LUCK. I just thank Drew for his dedication to doing this service.


drewzepmeister said...

Toad-No offense taken, my friend. I knew you were kidding around :)

Stu-I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rush! Seen them three times in concert, have ALL of their albums plus about a dozen bootlegged concerts and a few DVD's from them. I did say I love Rush?

1) If anyone would closely at my music collection would notice that most of my music is from the '70's. It was a time of exploration, discovery and the expanding of horizons. Music back then was more of a garage sale than a big business it is today. Yet, there are STILL great stuff out there. My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, the Black Keys and the North Mississippi All Stars are a few names out there that have grabbed my attention.

The internet is a great source to discover new music, however I've noticed a new trend... The LACK OF taking a whole album into a perspective. By downloading a few tunes and forsaking any history, personnel line up changes, and the story behind the music, I don't see how people can relate. Too me, it's all about instant gratification. Not the way to find the music's heart and soul and to truly appreciate.

2) I listen to WDRV 97.1 "The Drive" out of Chicago in the mornings on the way to work. They'll often play something I haven't heard in a while like the Blues Brothers "Soul Man" and the Kinks "Sunday Afternoon"

Beyond that, I don't the radio at all. (I have enough music to start my own radio station).

What kills about the radio is that they play the same tunes over and over and over again. Do I need to hear Boston's "More Than a Feeling" again for the 10th million time?

3) My honey and spice chicken, eggs benedict, and any pretty anything off of the grill.

4) Mostly German with some French and Scottish blended in.

lizardmom said...

1. today's sounds angry and the language in alot of it is really rough
3. monster cookies
4. German and Bohemian
(married a combination of Polish, Irish and Greek - talk about a super stubborn pair hey? haha!)