Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Nonprofits absent from Racine voluntary tax program"

From JSOnline:

"Racine - A Racine program asking churches and other tax-exempt nonprofits to pay taxes anyway has so far come up empty.

"Mayor John Dickert sent letters in September to 182 local nonprofits. He asked them to consider paying a portion of the property tax the city would normally charge them if their properties were taxed.

"City Administrator Tom Friedel told The Journal Times of Racine Friday the city has yet to collect any money through the program.

"The intent of the 'Racine's Fair Share' program was to raise money the city could apply toward its 2013 budget to help the city weather a nasty financial season."

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That's an AP story now.  It's gone out over the whole world. 

We also have this: "BBC to bring Racine County’s election perspective to world,"

What a chance for a major screw-up.


kkdither said...

When we put our foot in it, it seems we always get national attention. Since this bright idea failed, maybe the city should have a new logo writing contest. They could have you pay to enter to relieve the tax problem. At least the citizens could have some fun and blow off some steam.

"Tiny town, big F'ed up politics."

Anonymous said...

The wheels of change are moving. No group coming forward to help Mayor Mcfailure shows that his support level is falling. He needs to be recalled.

Who ever predicted that communism & the Berlin Wall would fall in E. Europe? Dickert's time to become a real estate agent again is coming!

Maybe the BBC will witness some of the Racine style voting fraud.

Anonymous said...

I personally have a problem with Dickert portraying this city and it's people in a light that makes us look like morons and beggars. What the AP should pick up on is the fact Dickert sued the city he represents. I think it's about time the residents begin looking at a recall on Dickert or at least a competency hearing before it's to late and Racine files for bankruptcy.

Toad said...

My personal interest In the City Is now limited, but If I were a Non-profit, I certainly wouldn't give him or even the City I live In money to WASTE. HE has what many would call a "Proven Record"

TSE said...

Dickert got the bright idea of begging non-profits for funds from The League of Wisconsin Municipalities - of which he is on the Board of Directors. NOW, The Urban Alliance is a small subset of The League, and Dickert is the President of that.

The website is League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Take a look around, click on links. There are lots of thing on this website - ideas for Mayors and training, classes, etc. It is where he got information about the PILOT programs from. Payment In Lieu Of Taxes.

Links by Subject

Scroll through and look for PILOT - you will find a few links and how they are working in other cities. You will also find information about Brownfield Grants under Grants - you didn't possibly think John thought this stuff up by himself - did you?

YES - there are some good ideas there also - but John always brings home the DUMB DUMB Stuff - and the other IDIOTS, like the IDIOTS IN MT. PLEASANT SEE DICKERT'S DUMBNESS AND ATTEMPT TO COPY IT.

But Dickert went overboard - and while he begged for non-profits to donate, he is still spending like a drunk sailor with a wad of money in his pocket and made the fatal mistake of porking up the 2013 budget while pleading poverty and cutting the Fire Department.


I suspect, and HOPE, TPTB are done with him and will dump him - it will only be done with their blessing. This is an encouraging sign.

TSE said...

Nov 4 Property Report.

TSE said...

The Journal Times is owned by Lee Enterprises whose CEO is Mary Junck, who is also the Chairman of The Associated Press. She makes the big $$$$. $1,150,722 est. for 2012

Mary Junck is also a beloved figure by her loyal employees, who compare her to Marie Antoinette.

OrbsCorbs said...

Check out property transfers here:

The lowest transfer in Racine was $300, for 1840 Center St. I looked that address up in Google Maps and got a picture of an older two-story home. The picture was taken in 2007. Maybe there's been a fire or something since then.

TSE said...

I already took a picture and posted it.

Check it out here.

"Racine continues to inflate property values and use worthless real estate as collateral for bonds.

1840 Center St. was sold by Bank of America for $300. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. About what a salvage yard would give you for a junk vehicle. Picture 1 is a snapshot of the property - I had to see if it truly existed - and it does. Picture 2 is proof of the sale.

Picture 3, 4 and 5 are 1641 N. Memorial St. where property taxes haven't been paid for 3 years. It has been abandoned, and it suffered from a fire. It is now a worthless shell, but it remains on the tax records with an assessed value of $46,887.47. This is property that is being peddled by John Dickert, David Hazen, and others as collateral to Bondholders who buy their debt.

Picture 6 shows the tax records of 1641 N. Memorial Dr. along with the assessed value that is being used as collateral to Bondholders.

Is The City of Racine deceiving Bondholders as to the true worth and condition of their Bond Collateral?"

legal stranger said...

TSE, the Racine Journal Times should use you for investigative reporting.
The bond market involving real estate has been corrupt for more than a decade.
Keep the posts coming.

Why Not? said...

There is a house on my parents street which is just a little dead end street, that started on fire the summer I was there, so 2011, July I believe, since then the owners (who were just renting the duplex out) walked away from it and left it to go into foreclosure. It was supposed to go up for auction several times (first time I believe back in September) but every time it has been up for auction it has been postponed (my husbands Grandfather was thinking of buying the property just to tear it down, which he then backed out and someone else we knew wanted to buy it to renovate and rent it out) well after it was postponed for the third time it was told to our acquaintance (who wanted to buy it to renovate and rent) that it is not longer up for auction but would rather try to sell it for a sum of 100,000 dollars. Now I dont know if all of this is true as it's just through the grapevine, nor do I know how to find out if this was true, but before the fire they had been trying to sell the house for 80,000 dollars but there was no one willing to buy it for that price, I cannot understand how they think they would get 100,000 for it when it has been burned out on the first floor, smoke damaged on the second floor and been vacant for 1½ years. According to my sister the windows are now covered in black mold because no one has cleaned out the place. How do I go about finding out more about this particular property?

TSE said...

You can find information on the City of Racine Property Assessment data base here:

Property Assessments

Enter the address - and then click on links in blue for more information. You'll have to play around with it - but there is a lot of stuff there.

On an interesting sidenote - if you enter either just a house #, or a street name - every property that fits that description pops up. Very handy for research -

The County Website also has information. Go here:

County Tax Records

Enter a street number, then find the street name and click on the link. To use the delinquent tax feature, you will need the 12 digit property number. You will find that from your house # search. You will also need the 3 digit prefix which designates the Community - note it, and follow the menu.

You can also find property transfer information here:

DOR Property Transfer

You'll have to play and poke around to find all the wonderful things you can do. All records are PUBLIC OPEN RECORDS.

TSE said...

Are burnt-out and abandoned properties a growing problem in Racine? Here are a few I know about.

There are more burnt out and boarded up buildings in Racine - but they appear to be current - will they be repaired or abandoned?

Someone will have to pay to clean these up.

Who will pay?