Saturday, August 3, 2013

Useless Information

Colonel Adolphus Busch (10 July 1839 – 10 October 1913) was the German-born co-founder of Anheuser-Busch with his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser
He was the second youngest of 22 siblings
He married 17 year old Lilly Eberhard Anheuser on 7 March 1861 in St Louis. They had thirteen children; eight sons and five daughters. Click Here to read more about this horny guy.


OrbsCorbs said...

My, they were prolific back then. I was taught it was because disease and accidents killed half of the children, or more.

Unknown said...

It was the days before birth control and when having a large family was in style.

How many servants did he employ to care for the children?

Plus, that was the "Good Old Days" when Men worked from Sun to Sun - but women's work was never done!

He should have taken MORE wives! One must wonder how many mistresses he had on the side. No word on illegitimate children?

*OFF TOPIC!* (so I don't raise the IRE of the PC Police at JTI)

Ride On!

A Posting dedicated to... Marijuana!

Unknown said...

OT - Spicolli meets Mr. Hand. LOL!

Enjoy your Sunday!

In a roundabout way it is ON topic- for Bush gave us BUD Beer!

AND, it is from a Bush that we get BUD!

SER said...

Did you know Adolphus Busch stole the original recipe for Budweiser in Germany? A couple years ago the lawsuit was finally settled and Budweiser here in the US had to pay Germany.

I had some of the Original Bud beer in Germany and it is most excellent.

Unknown said...

Well there SER, THE USAF, in my Barracks at Prum AS Germany - used to sell Buds and Red Star Heinekens at .50 cents a can.

But honestly, I didn't drink any of that CRAP while in Germany.

I drank the heavy Golden Bier known as


Hefeweizen, Weizenbier, Weisse, Wheat Ale

Pronunciation guide for English-speakers:

Weissbier means “white beer” in German. The name derives from the yellowish-white tinge that is imparted by the pale malted wheat from which the brew is made. In North America, the brew is more commonly called Hefeweizen (literally "yeast wheat"), because it is unfiltered, meaning the yeast remains in suspension and causes the beer to look slightly turbid. Filtered, clear Weissbier, incidentally, is called Kristallweizen ("crystal wheat"). There are also dark wheat beers. These are called Dunkelweizen ("dark wheat").

Another common name for this brew is Weizenbier ("wheat beer") because of the preponderance of malted wheat in the brew's grain bill. According to German law, all beer that is labeled Weissbier or Weizenbier must be made with at least 50% malted wheat. Most Bavarian Weissbiers contain 60 to 70% malted wheat. The rest is malted barley.

NOT FOR NOVICES, or Light Beer Drinkers.

Looks like ms. (you know, panties in a bunch) is on a tear, out for blood and well, YA' KNOW - There is never a reason for it, but When you are that UPTIGHT!

If Ya' Want Blood!


Unknown said...

It's Understood - It's the last resort of a Woman in Love...

BL Basketcase said...

I think love is in the air for you, KK !

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

OT -

A Billie Holiday Song.....

Have a Happy Monday!!!

Lady Sings the Blues.

THOSE were the days! The Horns! The Players! The Drums!

legal stranger said...

After reading all about German beer, I stay more elementary and I drink scotch.'s what's for dinner!

Or is it the nectar for the gods?

Makes no difference to me!

Bottoms up!

Anonymous said...

You never drink it with me... Your just like you know who