Sunday, September 8, 2013

belleTV: "Rapcine All Ages Show"

From Racine Community Media:


"Racine- The City Of Racine is funding, via tax dollars, this new hip hop/rap vison for Racine. Pay attention to the lyrical content on display here, referring to women as 'bitches' is not exactly considered respectful to women, and being endorsed by the City Of Racine nonetheless. What an incredible use of city resources, maybe the Racine Common Council will have an encore showing at their next Common Council Meeting? It’s really time that the City Of Racine officials start paying attention and taking action, the City Of Racine is broke and suffers over a 2 million dollar shortfall in the 2014 budget, but yet we have money to spend on this garbage? Someone please explain?"

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I watched only a few seconds of that video because I consider rap, even when done "well," to be repulsive.  Bad rap is twice as repulsive.


kkdither said...

Well, I suffered my way through the entire thing. The reference to drug use and sexual activity is throughout the message. The use of disgusting and derogatory slang language is rampant. I find it hard to believe these white wanna be-s are relating to the african american population in our city.

This is the poorest representation of what MY Racine is. I sure as hell hope that no tax dollars go to fund this dump of what is proposed as an "Artists Studio."

Shame on the management of for giving this air time. Trouble is that no one is watching this channel. I happened to turn it on last night was was far from impressed.

This video should be aired at city council meetings so they can squirm in their chairs, as I did, through the whole video.

Anonymous said...

The repulsive part of this is the fact this is on THE CITY CHANNEL!!!!!! This is paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!!! By broadcasting this crap, the city is endorsing it!! Racine residents money going to producing pure shit like this should have the community raging, after all they have to remove streetlights in order to pay for this bullshit!!

Anonymous said...

So the City Of Racine is now endorsing young sexual activity, drug use and degrading women, all with your tax dollars!

Anonymous said...

Racine reaches a *NEW LOW* as John Dickert and his friends at Belle City TV use taxpayer dollars to fund this…. garbage.

*ADULT WARNING* The language in the video may be unsuitable for sensitive audiences – but City of Racine taxpayers paid for it.

References to: Illegal Drugs, Adult Sexual Activity, Violence and Name Calling.

That’s an “All Ages Show” in John Dickert’s Racine? LOL. And you wonder why crime, disrespect and blight is out of control in Rapcine?

One of the best pictures you’ll never see in the Local Rag peddled by Mary Junck.

Racine in Ruins -

Partners In Crime

It answers all your unanswered questions!

Has Ken Brown been duped and misled?


The 1 percent played Tea Party for suckers

When the super-rich feel threatened, they foment grass-roots uprising on their behalf. Here's why it always works.

Ken Brown has been Duped!

legal stranger said...

Pathetic.....not art or music, just plain bad noise.

To make matters worse, it is being sponsored and paid for by tax dollars.

Good job exposing the waste of taxpayer's dollars in government.

kkdither said...

Ive been continuously saying that those who followed blindly what the tea party fed them, were very mistaken as to where the lines of blue bloodedness were drawn. It was fine and dandy to buy into this philosophy of non-socialism and keeping your tax rate low... when you thought it encompassed your own being.... unfortunately, very few fall into the 1 - 10% catagory.

As for this crap o' t.v.... if any majority of sane Racinians saw this, heads would roll.

Anonymous said...

Racine residents are paying for this and will continue to pay for this. This is Dickert's vision for the city and they consider this money well spent. I call it pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Drugs, bitches and money.....drugs, bitches and money, drugs, bitches and money. How you doin taxpayers of Racine? This is paid for by YOU and brought to YOU by Mayor John Dickert and the Racine Common Council. Congrats! We know Racine ain't got street lights but we got Rapcine and we can promote drugs, bitches and money on your dime, thanks!

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks for watching the whole thing, kk. You squirmed so that others who came after you wouldn't have to squirm.

These faux pas by Dickert and company are amazing. For someone who is all show and no go, lying John can't even put on a good show. The sellout of Car 25 was a disaster every step of the way, from bid rigging to lying to former employees to sham ethics hearings. You'd think that with all that crap bottled up behind them, belleTV would be especially careful about what they put on the air. But, no.

Once again, lying John & Co. have fucked Racine's taxpayers. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so damn sad. Racine's wiggers get on TV and spew filth at the people who pay for it all. Lordy, lordy, lying John, you got brass balls, but you keep making stupid mistakes.

OrbsCorbs said...

The closest thing to filth that Car 25 broadcast were Common Council meetings.

legal stranger said...

And I have been saying that those who follow what the repulsicans
and damnocraps feed them are part of the 90 % that are too lazy to fight and clean up their own corruption in their parties. These two parties are conspiring and destroying this country collectively.

As for Tea people, they can't be any worse than the shit we have in office presently.

Vote all the incumbent trash out of office.

Anonymous, your hyperlink site of: ken brown has been duped,( whoever the hell he) is wouldn't open up.

For the record, I couldn't tolerate the video noise after 30 seconds.


Anonymous said...

The 1 percent played Tea Party for suckers

When the super-rich feel threatened, they foment grass-roots uprising on their behalf. Here's why it always works

Ken Brown is a very active supporter of the local Tea Party and is a large supporter of spending money on Downtown Racine.

A great read about the financial problems of Detroit, which Racine mirrors:

On July 18th, the city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy, the largest such filing in US history. After kicking the can down the road, with increasing desperation, for many years, then end of the line has been reached. The city is finally admitting that far too many financial promises have been made, and that the majority of these simply cannot be kept. It does not matter whether the promise-holders have a good case for receiving services or needing payments, or whether those promises are legally protected.

Promises that cannot be kept will not be kept. It is as simple as that. To complicate matters, however, the architecture of the financial system prioritizes promises, in a perhaps counter-intuitive, and certainly self-serving, manner. This will make the task of allocating extremely scarce resources to stakeholders lower down the financial food chain very much more difficult. It is time for a good look at the range of promises made, the competing needs of the recipients, the leverage enjoyed by powerful players in shoring up their own position, and the real world implications for municipalities far beyond Detroit.

Anonymous said...

As goes Detroit – so goes Racine.

A fascinating look at Detroit: