Saturday, September 21, 2013

Open Blog - Weekend

More watermelon!


OrbsCorbs said...


Hurray, I survived the 20th. Everything is going to be grea

lizardmom said...

glad you survived, yesterday was rough.
I went to bed with the Nesco cooking up 2 roasts for pulled pork, in preparation for a surprise birthday party for my new brother in law. It still needs to cook a few more hours. I also started a beef roast that turned out yummy! What a way to wake up, the house smells delish!
Off to work then I think a nap is in order. My desk is in need of some attention if my attention span can handle it, have a great weekend!

kkdither said...

Uh oh.... Orbs never finished his message.

Oh, weekend, how I adore thee.

Liz: waking up to the smell of meat would make me gak.

BL Basketcase said...

If I woke up to the smell of meat
cooking I would think I was evicted and the new people forgot to remove ME...just never happens unless I put a early turkey in or something in some very unusual circumstance.

KK meat never makes me "gak" hehehe

ORBS? Are u there yet?

OKIE said...

Brrr. It's 55 degrees here. But the sun is shining, my hummingbirds are back, and it is going to be a good day.

Anonymous said...

How would you react if it was publicly revealed that Mayor John Dickerts offer to sell you some land at $30,000 - which the Mayor claims the City really needs - is actually worth $300,000 on the open market?

Racine Exposed

Tender Heart Bear said...

I told Daddy Orbs he would make through yesterday because nothing can happen to him he is to stubborn!

LM- That just sounds so good. I was going to put something in my slow cooker this morning but I just didn't feel like it.

BLB- Why would anyone want to evict you with your great sense of humor.

Mary- I have had a Hummingbird feeder out back all summer long and we only seen a few birds come to the feeder. This is not fair girl!

BL Basketcase said... made me chuckle. I hardly ever feel like cooking.
My darn house... Why do they ALWAYS
want dinner EVERY SINGLE DAY???

Mary...plant some Trumpet Vine and
you will never need a a Hummingbird
feeder again. The onlt thing is those darn vines start taking over your life! Anyone want some FREE?

OrbsCorbs said...


I survived. I'd love to wake up to the smell of food cooking.

I don't know about hummingbirds in the city. I haven't seen any, but my eyes are bad. I had a client way out on Erie St. They had hummingbirds. And deer and rabbits and fox and skunks and, unfortunately, coyotes. The coyotes ate one of their dogs.

I had a thistle feeder up for awhile at the old apartment building, but never saw a finch. Again, a very urban setting. When I was a kid, finches were all over the lake bank at North Beach.

Tender Heart Bear said...

We have gone through about six thistle socks this summer with the finches. I just love watching the birds come to the thistle sock and the bird feeder. The only one we don't get much of is the hummingbird.

BLB- I will take a pass on the trumpet vine. The way I see it growing on the electric poles on the sides of the road no way do I want something like that.

legal stranger said...

I will take some trumpet wine :)