Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Illinois company refurbishing Jacato Drive apartments"

From The Journal

". . . . .

"Beth David, whose non-for-profit community group We Are Racine is located at 2432 Jacato Drive, has also been impressed by the work going on at the buildings.

"'When I heard they were sold, I thought, "here we go again," David said Friday, noting that she changed her mind as soon as she saw the renovations.

"'Oh my God, it’s phenomenal,' David said. "I see a lot of hope over there –hope where I have never seen hope.'"

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Like someone says in the Journal Times comments, neither Beth nor her group will see one penny of any profits.  This is truly a case of a neighborhood rehabbed by the residents themselves.  That's what made it attractive to investors.


lizardmom said...

we need more good and positivity here!
So nice somebody stepped up and is doing the right thing

Beejay said...

Beth is a phenomenal woman who believes in Racine. She works hard for her community with no financial gain.
The city of Racine is lucky to have such a person.

OrbsCorbs said...

If this company really cleans up Jacato Drive, the racists will have to pick on another part of the city.

SER said...

Beth talks about all the stuff she is doing and needed help one time. I volunteered and Never heard a word from her, so I'll NEVER volunteer again.

I guess I don't "Hang" with the right people...laugh'in.