Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Bullying’s cost: Transgender Racine student commits suicide"

From The Journal

"CALEDONIA — Cameron Langrell was a teenage boy who felt trapped in the wrong body.

"The 15-year-old freshman at Horlick High School recently announced on Facebook that he was transgender. He wrote that he was dating another boy and changed his profile gender to 'female.'

"A few days after his announcement, he was dead. Family members feel it was because of bullying."

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How to help

"The Cameron Langrell Memorial Fund has been set up to help the Olender family manage funeral and arrangement costs. Go to: and search for the 'Cameron Langrell Memorial Fund'"

I was bullied at school in my freshman year.  Gym Class (Phys. Ed.) was the worst.  Both my parents worked and left for work before I left for school.  I often skipped school on the days that Gym Class was scheduled.  That left a large emotiohal wound unhealed to this day.  


Beejay said...

I saw this article yesterday. It broke my heart. When are we as a society going to accept the differences in people. As long as their decisions don't affect me as a person, why is it my business?

The transgender identity definition goes back to George Jorgensen, who, in the early '50s, became Christine Jorgensen. For those who do not know "Jorgensen" is my maiden name. I was about three or four when that happened; however, my oldest brother was 14 or 15. He was taunted endlessly about it. The one and only fist fight he was in. He won it, no sweat.

Here we are over sixty years later still bullying people about their sexual preference. When do we evolve?

And, please don't anyone spout their "Christian" beliefs at me. True Christians love their fellow man and don't stand in judgement of them. Their lives are not for us to live.

We need to learn to live and let live.

SER said...

My granddaughter was being bullied by another girl at school.

she finally had enough, turned around and punched the girl in the face...granddaughter got suspended and they school did nothing to the girl doing the bulling. apparently the teachers and principal condone it when they do nothing.

I told my granddaughter i was damn proud of her.

SER said...

as a follow up to my last comment. My daughter did call and went to the school to talk with them about it and they still didn't do along came the punch.

the girl doesn't mess with the granddaughter any more!!!

Beejay said...

The schools seem to be talking out of both sides of their mouths these day. Zero tolerance for bullying/violence and then ignoring it until it hits the media.