Monday, May 4, 2015

"Texas Shooting Suspect Identified"

Is it ever proper to mock another person's religion?  Like most Americans, I believe, I was happy that they got the gunmen without anyone else being hurt.  I support free speech so screw your Muhammad.  But then I thought, "What's the benefit of mocking another person's religion?"  Islam simply does not allow for the representation of the Prophet  Muhammad in any form.  So what?  Jews celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, but no one seems to mind. I don't have a burning desire to draw Muhammad.  The only reason to do it is to incite others.  Which is what happened.  However, nearly everyone in Texas carries a gun, so it was a pretty stupid idea  Stupidity on both sides.

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kkdither said...

Can't view the video this morning, will check later. I thought the same thing when the movie was made about Kim Jung Il. We don't have to like the politics, the horrible goings on in his regime, but to make a film mockery of him seemed to be in poor taste. As was said, why incite?