Friday, May 8, 2015


Calligraphy is an art that one could spend a lifetime mastering.  Some people have.  Monks reproducing The Bible by hand were calligraphists.  They would spend decades "Doing the Lord's work."

Both China and Japan have integrated calligraphy into their cultures and handwritten languages.  Again, Asian calligraphists could spend decades on their work, monks or not.

Once cursive writing is deleted from our society, calligraphists will be the only ones handwriting anymore.


Tender Heart Bear said...

My older daughter can do writing like that. There is a lab for that at the college up in Appleton.

Anonymous said...

Even insults are more tolerable through calligraphy. Happy Friday.

Beejay said...

I love calligraphy. I nephew's wife can do it. So beautiful. She can also read and write Japanese and Mandarin. So much talent.

I wonder if they have a course at our Cultural Center? If so, I may sign up for it. What fun that would be!

SER said...

you can buy real good books to teach you how to write. and there are some really nice pens you can buy to use...and a bottle of ice

although there are some that are too fancy for me, i can't even read what is written.