Monday, May 4, 2015

Two Questions - One Post, I don't want to waste the ink

Question #1.

Why (in the movies) when someone is being chased, they run into the stairwell and go up.  WTF, why go up? Are you going to parachute off the roof, you're due to get caught whether you're the good guy or the bad guy.

Question #2.

I have to give you a little info first. Yesterday I took my grandson to the mall, I hate that frigg'in place. Right now they have the carnival going on. All of a sudden there had to be at least 100 to 125 if not more kids running to watch at fight. they were all late grade school or early high school kids. they had traffic all messed up bad because of the size of the group.

Q.- So why doesn't the city have uncover offices with 'stun guns' walking around and when there is a happening as such have them walk into the crowd and stun as many as they can?

Leave trails of bodies all over; they (the kids) shouldn't be there in the first place so they have no reason to bitch if they get hit with one.


Beejay said...

1. I think they are just disillusioned by some action movies of past. They think they can jump to the next building.

2. This saddened me. Those carnivals always seem to draw the wrong element and I have to wonder why. Thugs ruining it for everyone.

OKIE said...

What bothers me most is when something is happening, these kids don't call for help. Instead they film it.
It all boils down to no respect for anything or anyone.

SER - as for the 1st question, I have no idea.

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) They do that to get some kind of suspense out of the moving and to see what the reaction would be out of the people watching something like that.

2) The kids are not going to call for help anymore with the fights happening. Now a days it is to get it on the phones and upload this to the internet to show their friends what is happening. The carnivals do draw the wrong crowds with the drunk adults that do not watch their kids and the kids that start fights that is why we do not even go to that anymore. The concerts are getting the same way too.

Toad said...

1. They run UP, because the Cop's are also running UP. If they ran down, they would run INTO the Cop's.

2. As the news say's they had to shut the carnival down. From what I understand, the Mall area has been a problem for years, which mean they should tear It down, and get rid of the problem. As for carnivals. They were GREAT In the 60s, but we all know It's not the 60s any longer, and ANY event creates opportunity. Racine at ONE time had WALKING Police Officers working the "BEAT" I don't think It exists any longer. As for working the carnival, the POLICE SHOULD have been present. As for Tasing, As much fun as It sounds, It's not alway's safe, and cannot just randomly be used. Darn It.

Toad said...

Rotary Crimes and Other Misdeeds, Are you NOT making an assumption that It was a racist remark?

Furthermore, WHY Is any question DUMB?

If tasers were safer, PERHAPS It would stop the problem? WE all know the Police will NOT just randomly taser anyone.

As tax paying citizens, do we NOT have the right to taking our children or grandchildren to a public function without incident? Where WERE the Police.

As for the writers friends, as our 1st amendment say's, we have the RIGHT to FREE SPEECH, Just like you. It all boils down to the word "DUMB"

Tender Heart Bear said...

Toad- They do have the police walking around for Party on the Pavement. But I agree with you they should have them walking around for the carnivals.

There is no dumb question. I always tell my kids that too.

OKIE said...

Hey Rotary. Who pissed in your Wheaties today? Just a little cranky.

Toad said...

Last night a family was walking on a wooden walkway In Menasha, which Is pretty much near Appleton, and some deranged 27 year old that was jilted by his to be bride, decided to kill the Father, oldest daughter, some other young man, and shot the wife, and mother of the father, and daughter 3 times. She Is In the hospital. The other two children were told by the mother to run, and they survived. The killer of course killed himself. All total 4 people DEAD, and 1 that needs prayers. We need more guns. He had a holster on his right hip, and ammunition on the other hip when he arrived at the hospital. A veteran that probably had a license for the gun? Many people were present at the point of the shooting. WHY? Obviously no Police on Patrol?

OrbsCorbs said...

1. Stairway to Heaven

2. There were two large fights at the mall yesterday. The one at the carnival and another one at Chuck E. Cheese. We are devolving.

lizardmom said...

1. people aren't very bright. what makes me laugh is when a 'bad guy', who is quite out of shape, takes off running, or his version of running, from quite fit cops. sure, they'll never catch you...
2. it's a sad, sad time we live in, where people don't care for their fellow human beings.

SER said...

with all the anchor stores closing in the mall i wonder how much longer it will last before it shuts down.

if it's 2 girls fighting, it's over some boy and visa versa for the boy.

these kids don't even know how to pee straight much less thinking the are all that.