Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Questionably moist"

From The Lonely Libertarian :

When I managed the auto repair shop in Chicago, on a hot summer's day a heavy set woman paid by pulling bills out of the middle of her bra.  The currency was moist, but, what the hell, money is money. 


Why Not? said...

Worked at a garden store when I was in high school, questionably moist bills was a daily experience.. I cringed every time a woman would head for her bra when it was time to pay..

kkdither said...

Once worked at a grocery store and people pulled bills out of every possible place: sopping wet bills from a jogger's running shoes, folding money from below the front elastic of a mans underwear, hot coins from a heavy-set woman's cleavage (she was really digging for exact change.) Wish our store would have had that same policy. :(

SER said...

well if you throw the bills against the wall and they stick...they're toooooo wet