Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Real Consequences of New Education Legislation and Reform

The divide and conquer mentality, the cuts in funds, the starving out, have shaken the public schools ability to function. The top staff is looking - and leaving. Testing, and the push to hit standardized benchmarks are more important than teaching lifetime learning skills. For survival sake, teachers are discussing and helping kids on how to take a test: best test practices are included before testing: also akin to how to "game" a test if you don't know the answers. Teachers are graded on the results of these standardized tests. Schools, and the subsequent takeover of targeted schools are on the line. The testing is no longer a function of student growth, it is there to measure the teacher, the institution. Not that it is wrong to have accountability, but it shouldn't come at the cost of selling off our public schools. When parents of top students and the top performing teachers are worried, something is very wrong.

Teacher certification is at question right now. Lowering qualifications to teach is proposed, and is soon likely to pass into law. Allowing those to teach, without training and certification, without college degrees, at secret pay scales will definitely drop the professional level to which we are currently accustomed. Those who are in the trenches with our children are worried, very worried about what this will do. They know the outcome. We are dumbing down our K-12 schools.

Now that these measures are in place at the local level, the same is occurring at at the state level. This is a very interesting read on some of what is occurring at our top Wisconsin school, and at our other UW schools. It is much the same situation that is happening at our city level across the state.


If all this is to save the taxpayers from some of governments uber intrusion on the current employed and taxpayer, then why are we more in debt than we were prior to this divide and conquer assault on public workers and education? And why have our taxes remained pretty much the same? Wouldn't an educated person ask, "where is our taxpayer money going?"  Have you heard that the current freeway repairs might need to be stopped, or the timeline extended due to lack of funding? Why are the taxpayers funding a huge portion of a for-profit business by constructing a new arena in Milwaukee... without blinking an eye?

This isn't just crapping on the current workers, despite the fact that that seems to be a popular notion, and an easy-sell by the current proponents. This is starting a ripple that will become a tidal wave in the future. The kool-aid out there is scary-dangerous. Think twice and consider the consequences before drinking it.


Toad said...

I suggest the monies are going to NON essential use. They plan on building a new DOT building In Madison, at, I'm sure an unimaginable cost. The ARENA "That won't cost taxpayers a dime", and basically giving the monies away to people that promise to back the assault lead by our Governor, but also backed by our legislature, that as usual disregards the wishes of the people, and work only for the benefit of themselves. The people need to LEARN, and VOTE. This includes the young people NOW leaving school, when they reach the age to vote. NOT voting assures this will continue to happen. This does NOT have to be permanent. Let's make a change, and bring the BEST education possible back to Wisconsin.

kkdither said...

Toad, once again, you and I agree. There is a lot of misinformation out there. It is planned and planted untruths about our school system, only to further the politicians and their supporters cause.

Spending one day in the schools would prove the falsehood of the notion that it is the "high paid, lazy, whiny teachers" fault that the schools are in disarray. The problem does not lie with the employees. I've witnessed staff standing on their heads to achieve success. Society, the parents, the kids, and regulations play the major role in the disfunction. Starving the system or pushing it off to private sources won't help. It will only benefit the elite. We are on the road backwards with this legislation, to the mentality before Brown vs. Education. I don't believe there are any throw away kids. Education is their, and our only hope.

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm so glad that I'm not a public school child these days. I went to St. Catherine's and it shows. While I have plenty of reasons to hate the place, the education I received there was top-notch.

The future looks dim. Everything is politicized and polarized. The kids are pawns used by politicians.

Tests, shmests. I test well. Always have. Somehow I can "see" what the test maker had in mind. Other kids learn by other methods.

We're selling out our future, our children, for political gain and $$$. People are getting meaner and don't give a damn about others. I don't know how to turn that around.

Toad said...

I'm hoping beyond hope, that this all BACKFIRES on the GOP lead legislature, and they are forced to go back, and re-visit the governor's ideas. I a bit nuts, but I still think a RECALL Is not out of the question. I am proud of the Catholic School here In Mauston. Although It will cost them dearly, they choose to NOT accept VOUCHERS. They decided they didn't want the terrible amount of work that goes into using the system. For them I am proud. The school has alway's been a kind of Who's Who from the area, but they PAY a large price for this luxury. When these NON teachers start, and TENURE is gone In a Will To Work State, I wonder what will happen to the perceived expensive teachers? Imagine what all of this Is doing to the student that had teaching as their life goal. Better try the Funeral Business instead.