Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Racine Alderman Jeff Coe, in his own words regarding the recent CVS Pharmacy debacle.


kkdither said...

There was a lot wrong with this whole deal. That corner is busy and tight. It displaced existing (at the time) businesses. The neighborhood wasn't behind the idea, and there are plenty of other vacant parcels available. Racine is rife with empty buildings and lots.

I was surprised to see the Blue Diamond (the old Marc's Big Boy) was torn down for the CVS being built on Durand. Was the closure of this business planned before CVS was interested in the location? Pretty soon, there will be nothing but Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

Toad said...

I wonder If Jeff Coe took the time to TALK personally to a current or former CVS employee? That's a mighty bold statement coming from a City Official. I certainly don't care, but with the Sturtevant, and S.C. Johnson issues, cities better be VERY careful how they operate, or business will come to a SUDDEN halt, due to word of mouth, by investors.

KK, First of all I miss "BIG BOY" and am ALWAY'S sad to see what I alway's heard to be a decent restaurant torn down. I totally agree, that LIKE HERE, we have LOTS of land available, and LOTS of empty buildings available, but they build new. I will NEVER again support Habitat for Humanity. We have perhaps 100 homes available In the area, either for sale or rent. WHY does Habitat build NEW homes, instead of using homes they can purchase for less, and fix what needs to be fixed? They sell them to people that I guess can't get a home the conventional way, and you can guess what that probably means. WELL, It took the new owners about 4 months to take the BED SHEETS down from the windows, because they couldn't afford the cheap curtains at K-Mart? I would guess after my insulting everybody I knew that was anybody, somebody probably bought them shades? The house and surrounding lawn, etc. will probably look like you know what In another 6 months.

OrbsCorbs said...

The "problems" with pay that Ald. Coe mentioned run nationwide. Lots of jobs that pay shit. We aren't pulling the other nations up with globalization; instead, they're pulling us down.

I loved that Big Boy's. That's where we went after games, and also after getting drunk on pitchers of beer in Somers. IDs were easy to tamper with back then.

I drove by last week when I went to see my shrink. I was surprised to see the old Kohl's food store still standing. I thought part of the deal was removal of that building. The CVS store is much more "upfront" than I thought it would be.

Why Not? said...

I was surprised by seeing not only the Kohls food store still standing but them making improvements on it.. It's a neat old building I hope it gets used someday.
Is there any word on the owners of blue diamond opening up somewhere else? The old Golden Key would make an excellent location.. There was always rumors of Dinos opening up again, but now it's gone so long I suppose that is probably not going to happen.

As for the CVS in that location, it was hard to believe that it would work.. as KK said a very busy intersection.. Is the West Racine CVS going to close down? I wish we could build up self sustaining neighborhoods again, each little section with all that it needs to support a community instead of smashing in several pharmacies and grocery stores in the same area..

kkdither said...

Actually, I was over there just this past week. They have begun tearing down the Kohl's store. I stopped by the Dollar Tree next to the Kohl's store. A couple front windows were out, and they were starting a take down on the roof. The smell of mold was so strong in the parking lot, it bothered me that far away. It is no wonder that no one was interested in that building. It probably should have come down much sooner. Again, sad to see it go.... I still remember the layout and shopping there, occasionally.

Orbs, the tradition of after football games and dances continued at that very Big Boy through my high school years. I had my first fish and chips and onion rings in that building.