Thursday, December 31, 2015

Open Blog - New Years Eve

If you celebrate tonight, don't forget moderation. Also, if you're on the move, have a sober designated driver.


OrbsCorbs said...

Also see:

No New Years Eve party for me. I'm a stick in the mud.

kkdither said...

Mom always called it amateur night. I agree. I've been out in my younger years. The prices are higher, the service is rushed, the food generally inferior, and people are juvenile and can't behave. This is one night to party quietly, as far as I'm concerned. Happy (quiet and safe) New Year's Eve, Irregulars!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I make a buffet of snacks later and we just stay home it is safer that way.

We hope everyone enjoys there New Year's Eve.

OKIE said...

We are going to do our Steak and Lobster dinner at home and hubby will be asleep by 9:00. I'm quite happy with our plans.

Hey Orbs For 3 years we were getting calls stating they would help consolidate our credit cards, blah blah. I shall give my idea to you. The next time they call, talk to them and let them know they need to stay on the line for just a minute or two. Tell them they have managed to reach the FBI and you are getting their location. I've always wanted to do that and I think you would be great.

LM - we too had a funeral this week. I hope you can get out of your dark place soon.

Have a great New Years Eve everyone. I work until 1:00 and then get to enjoy a 3 1/2 day weekend. The last one until Memorial Day. Sigh..

OrbsCorbs said...

OKIE, the last time I dealt with one of those calls, the guy wouldn't let me speak until he finished reading his script. Then I told him it was a scam and I'm not buying into it. In a thick Indian accent, he asked, "How do you know it's a scam? Are you a policeman?" I was going to say no, I'm FBI, but I had a sudden inspiration and instead told him, "No, Secret Service." Click.

Trust me, the vast majority of such calls go to the answering machine, where they leave no message. But occasionally, I like to play with them. I guess I'm lonely and need the human contact. One of my mechanics at the muffler and brake shop I managed in Chicago could do a perfect Indian accent. I've tried, but my tongue gets confused.

I like the idea of telling them I'm FBI and asking them to stay on the line while their location is determined. I'll use it next time I'm bored and one of those assholes calls me.

OrbsCorbs said...

Btw, I was out running errands. People were everywhere. I assume they were getting party stuff and food for tonight. I got paid today. I went to my pharmacy where I had called in renewals for all of my prescriptions. I have no co-pay in 2015 and that's why I wanted then refilled. They screwed up on a big one, though. They said to come back Monday and they'd have it for me. But then I'll have to co-pay.

And I didn't get my oil change because the guy at Jiffy Lube said there was a two hour wait. Maybe I can sneak in an oil change on the truck while it's in the basement. I don't know who's going to be around for the holiday weekend. I just need to jack up the left side of the front end a little so the oil collects at the drain plug. But the damn oil filter is a mess to replace. I really like the Vortec engine in my truck, except for the oil filter placement. Even after you've drained the engine of oil, taking down the oil filter makes a mess. But that way, i can put in my choice of oil: Castrol, or Valvoline. Jiffy Lube uses Pennzoil. There's an oil change center much closer to my home called Fast Track. When I asked them what oil they use, the guy said, "Fast Track brand." I've never heard of that oil before.

Beejay said...

Sitting home. Safe and sound. Fireworks popping here and there. Since we went out for lunch, no big meal. I made shrimp cocktail, some deviled eggs, etc. best way to spend New Year's Eve. I will be hitting the bed by 10:00. Breakfast tomorrow? I want cranberry pancakes....cranberry, pecan pancakes. Yeesssssssss.