Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Red Tailed Hawk!

Yesterday Drew and I took a drive to Kenosha County to do some birding. On the way to where we wanted to look at some birds we seen a Red Tailed Hawk on the side of the road. So I found a driveway and turned the car around but I could not find the hawk so then I turned around again and we found it. The reason we could not find the hawk is because it was down in a gully on the side of the road. This was on Hwy 45 south of Union Grove Wi. between Hwy KR and Hwy N. The hawk was eating his dinner right there on the side of the road. Here is the picture of the Red Tailed Hawk eating his dinner.


OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you for the photo THB and drew. He's looking right back at you in the shot. Is that a raccoon he's eating? I didn't realize they went after prey that big. Could he fly off with that carcass in his talons?

Tender Heart Bear said...

Daddy Orbs yes it is a raccoon carcass he is eating. I don't know if he can fly off with that or not.