Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sweets!  How are you?  Are you enjoying the spring-like weather?  I love it.  I start to feel more human with the "longer" days and sunshine.  I start to feel like dancing and singing.  When I do, Junior frowns and leaves the room.  Too bad, so sad, but I'm glad.  I love hearing and seeing the birds.  We have a feeder up and all sorts of winged visitors appear there daily.  And, of course, the squirrels, who constantly strive to reach the feeder.  Señor Zanza says he'd like to take his .22 and do a little target shooting at the squirrels, but I forbade him.  I know they're a pain in the butt, but they're so cute.  You always hear or read stories about crazy cat ladies, but how come never crazy squirrel ladies?  A few peanuts and a squirrel is your friend.

Speaking of friends, Madame Olga, one of my best friends, has passed away.  This is a very bitter pill to swallow. We had so many good times together and now it's over.  I loved her.  But life (and death) goes on.  It's difficult to imagine a future without Madame Olga.  She was my confidant.  I miss her sorely.  I hope there is a heaven and she is looking down on all of us.  I love you, Madame Olga.

One of the hardest parts of getting older is the friends you lose to disease, accidents, and death.  I've spoken with people older than me and they all agree that losing friends is one of the worst things about growing older.  Those who survive the longest may find themselves simply "running out" of friends.  Lifelong friends can never be replaced.  I hate to say it, but I almost wish I pass away before too many more of my friends do.  I love life, but not a lonely one.  Well, I guess as long as  Señor Zanza and Junior are around, I'll be OK.

Here's a cute picture of a bird I got from the internet:

Oh my, such language.  Mr. drewzepmeister, do you know what kind of bird this is?  It's a naughty bird!

Here's an interesting story from Racine County Eye: "Razing Begins On Building To Make Way For Machinery Row"  Who wants to live next to the stinking Root River?  The Badger Uniform building rehab was along similar lines.  It utterly failed and bankrupted.  Guess who was the realtor behind it all?  Mr. Lying Mayor Dickert, that's who.  Machinery Row is delusional thinking on Mr. Liar's part.  Millions of dollars which would be better spent on feeding and educating the poor people of Racine will be flushed down the river.  What a shame.  This is what happens when you have criminals in office.

Thank you for reading my blog today.  I love you all, regular and Irregular. Your presence gives me great joy.  Please come back next week.

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Be careful today of the big thunderstorm.  High winds and hail are predicted.  Just another spring storm, but you never know how bad or good it's going to be.  Take care of each other and  spread a little love.  Adios! 


lizardmom said...

bird are singing, trees are budding, allergies are flaring, feels like spring is in the air! my hubby, too, keeps threatening to 'pop' the squirrels, but I tell him no as well. They're little geniuses and cute.

Aging sucks. I have a regular who is 80. He has lost all his friends. I took him to the funeral of another regular, who was his friend. His comment on the way back, was that he has no friends left, they have all passed away. wow... so sad :(

OKIE said...

OH I'm glad you mentioned the birds. I need to go feed them. Good Day Irregulars.

OKIE said...

OMG, I just went out and there must be 40 birds sitting in the tree. That's after a bunch flew away when I opened the door.

I LOVE SPRING! Okay, pre-spring.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks, Mme. Z., for another delightful blog.

My mom used to say that all of her friends were dead, too. I don't know how to console that.

Lizardmom, how nice of you to take the gentleman to the funeral.

lizardmom said...

Orbs, my regulars become like family. I've been to many funerals, so sad when we lose any of them. This particular one, was close buddies with the friend he left behind. This friends' family doesn't care to have him driving anywhere outside of Racine. I took him twice to visit his friend in the nursing home in South Milaukee, my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Caledonia, and worked in Cudahy, so I knew the area well. I was glad to help, we're about all he's got here in town. His family (nephews and neices, no kids of his own) live in Paddock Lake, and they want him to move out there.

kkdither said...

Hello, Madame. So sorry I missed your post. Work is keeping me so busy, that when I get home, I'm in a stare for most of the evening. So sorry to hear of the passing of Mme. Olga, too. Losing your friend, your confident is a major blow. I've been missing my buddy, my partner in crime, too. You never know how much you rely on someone until there aren't there anymore.