Monday, April 11, 2016


I thought I would let everyone know what we have been seeing so far with the migration of the birds coming in. I know Drew usually post this up for everyone to enjoy but with him working and then going out birding I hardly see him right now and next month is going to be even worse with the Warblers coming in. April and May are the two real bad months with the migration. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

This is a Killdeer and the picture was taken at the Coast Guard Impoundment in Milwaukee Wi.. If you look the Killdeer is sitting on the eggs already.

This is a Common Loon and the picture was taken at Petroleum Pier in Milwaukee Wi.. We went back to get more pictures and they were gone.

This is a Wilson's Snipe and the picture was taken on Cty Hwy V in Caledonia Wi.. There was so many of them in this pond I think Drew counted 12 with the binoculars.

This is just some of what we seen on Saturday while driving around Milwaukee and at the ponds on the way home.


kkdither said...

I always thought Snipe hunting was a joke because there was no such bird. I guess you proved that theory wrong. Thanks for sharing. Tell Drew we miss him!

OrbsCorbs said...

I am an Uncommon Loon. Thank you very much for the pictures, THB. I figured that drew would be birding like crazy.

lizardmom said...

I love that the birds have returned, they just make me happy :)