Friday, November 10, 2017

Sent to MTP Village Board - copy

Dear Village Board,

The Wisconsin Legislative Council has found that the Act 58, in regards to Foxconn, is most likely Unconstitutional.

PDF attached:

Let me remind all the elected officers receiving this E-mail - to include now Mayor Cory Mason (who is not receiving THIS E-mail) - that you took an OATH OF OFFICE to uphold the Constitution of The State of Wisconsin. Which would REQUIRE you to oppose any Unconstitutional  Foxconn Legislation/Acts - or be a traitor and thus an enemy of The State, acting in violation of your oath.

 Oath of office. Section 28. Members of the legislature, and all officers, executive and judicial, except such inferior officers as may be by law exempted, shall before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation to support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Wisconsin, and faithfully to discharge the duties of their respective offices to the best of their ability.

You took an OATH - now live up to it - and just tell Foxconn NO!

Txx & Cxxxx.

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