Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Website Targets Mount Pleasant Resident & Local Activist"

"A local activist in Mount Pleasant has gone public about a website she says is targeting her for being outspoken about village operations and elected officials. 

"Kelly Gallaher is well known in political circles in Racine County and has openly butted heads with leadership in Mount Pleasant for years. In May, a website called Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant was started, and in the months since, the majority of the posts on this website have taken aim at Gallaher. It has also focused on Trustees Ken Otwaska, Gary Feest and Jon Hansen. In October alone, the website published six posts, all focused on Gallaher.

"The name of the blog is a play on the Facebook page Gallaher and other residents of Mount Pleasant created a couple of years ago: A Better Mt. Pleasant.

"Who’s the author remains a question"

"Gallaher told Racine County Eye she believes Village President David DeGroot is behind the blog, but she has no proof. Gallaher concedes that because the author is anonymous it could be anyone.

"DeGroot denied having anything to do with Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant or knowing anything about the site.

"'I have no idea what she's 'talking about,' he said, adding that he doesn’t have time to read or care about the website.

"Gallaher said she contacted law enforcement about the website and its harassment of her, but because the comments are delivered through a public online venue and not directly to her through notes, emails or voicemail messages, there is no legal recourse.

"'The laws in Wisconsin have not kept up with technology,' Gallaher added. 'That means we can’t get a subpoena to find the owner of the website to get them to stop.'

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Anonymous said...

Police police investigate this(these) blogger(s) who are attacking me for what I am, a tattooed democratic socialist / communist whom in the past has expounded her bigotry of intolerance and hate on her own blog, Root River Siren.
Kelly is a hater in the truest sense.
Now that the shoe is on the other foot, she cries foul.
Go pound sand Kelly.

Rumour has it Scott Walker is running the blog.

racinecountycorruption said...

Kelly Gallaher did a good job of photoshopping her political targets on the
Root River Siren, that was her strength at RRS.
Her weaknesses were many;
Her blogs and political targets were often peppered with rantings and the use of the F-bomb.
There was no tolerance of opposing views or discussions on the RRS site.
Any comment contrary to her RRS agenda was not acknowledged or published.
Her agenda was so weak that she could not tolerate any dissent.

I tried to comment a few times on her site, she would not allow the questioning of her RRS agenda online, nor would she allow opposing or dissenting views on her site.
I didn't give a shit either way.
You could read it or ignore it, that was the readers choice. Its blogging.... right?

I do believe Kelly has bigger problems than the blog that she claims is allegedly targeting her. It appears Kelly has trouble deciphering between reality and the cyber world. Real news from fake news, opinion from facts. Perhaps her democratic underwear has either shrunk a bit too tight causing further delusions or maybe senility is setting in. Either way she is what George Orwell wrote about in 1948. A future about blued, glued, tatooed party members who place party before country. The inner party and the outer party with their respective offices of misinformation. that is what Kelly Gallaher is a party member complete with fake news and misinformation.

Mentally diseased people like Kelly put party before country, the diseased people are on both sides of the political spectrum.

As anonymous referenced above: "the shoe is on the other foot".

Kelly has illuminated herself as a mentally diseased hypocrite, a pathetic, pathological whiner who has dished it out in the past but can't take her own medicine.
She had the audacity to call the police for what she herself has done for years?

I agree with anonymous........GO POUND SAND KELLY !!!

And Degroot and his dirty crowd of cronies can go pound sand too!!!