Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thank You, Mount Pleasant Police Officer Blickle.

On Monday, I was in the new KwikTrip on Spring St.  When I went to leave, I couldn't find my keys.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find them.  The store staff were very nice and helpful.  The manager reviewed the security tape and didn't see me set down anything.  One of the store clerks said that the Mount Pleasant Police Department offers a service where one of their officers will come out and attempt to open your car, but only when they have the time.  He called them for me.  They said, "Sit down.  Have some free coffee."

Officer Blickle arrived within 15 minutes.  After running my plates and license, I had to sign a release which freed the Mount Pleasant Police Department from any damages incurred during their attempt to gain entry into my vehicle.

I asked Officer Blickle if they still had "Slim Jims."  "Nope," he replied.  "I wish we still did."  We had a couple at the shop in Chicago.  Essentially, they're a long strip of flat metal with a notch cut out near the end.  You wiggle that piece of metal between the door and window.  When you get it down there, you can feel it engage the lock.  Then just pull up.

Instead, Officer Blickle had an inflatable bladder that he wedged between the door and the pillar.  This opens it enough for him to insert a long metal rod and start fishing for the lock.  In a short while, he had it.  My keys turned out to be in one of the cup holders mounted on the transmission hump.  That's the first time I've done that.  Getting old is a bitch.  


Anonymous said...

Orbi, Nice you took the time to acknowledge our public servants acting with care and compassion. The alternatives to secure your keys could have been much more costly.

Thank Coppers for helping an old man in need.

OrbsCorbs said...

Yeah, I know. I was wondering what a locksmith would charge for a service call.

OrbsCorbs said...

Our mailman assures me that "Slim Jims" are still available at Harbor Freight.