Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Well, hello my rocket men and rocket women!  How are you?  Let's blast off for the Zoltar zone.  Here I'm on equal footing with just about everyone.

I hate to admit it, but I'm bored with our city government.  Without lying John's panache, it's just not the same.  What has Mr. Mayor Cory Mason done?  He's held listening sessions.  Zzzz.....

I believe that a large part of the listening sessions is the sense of deflation of some pretty raw emotions.  It allows some commentary and some soothing to take place.  The purpose is to inform and learn, not cut down.  I guess that as long as people have some place to vent, the less likely that they will riot in the streets.  Then I saw this:  Maybe she could get that bullhorn surgically attached to her face.  Go back to your home and demand to know why your shit sometimes goes directly into the Lake.  Go solve some murders in Milwaukee.  Why do you teach that the police are your enemy?  How many lives has that BS culled?  I'm surprised at times when interacting with children of color how much hatred they harbor for whitey.  Little kids.  They then seem amazed when I do something nice for them.  Ugh, this Donte Shannon crap will dominate the local news for awhile.  If he had been white, there would be little noise.

I was thinking recently of ways to "spruce up" the JT Irregulars.  And ways to attract more people.  Without getting arrested.  If you have and suggestions, you can send them to:

Mr. OrbsCorbs accuses me of trying to "girly up" the site.  Huh, it's not that.  It is cleaning the cobwebs out of the least used areas.  We're in our ninth year.  Some junk has to accumulate.  It's too bad we can't toss out the lies along with the rest of the garbage  Like Mr. OrbsCorbs' dirty picture magazines.  (That will wake him up.)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: In his defense, Mr. OrbsCorbs says, "Magazines?  That's so last century.  If I had shit like that, it would be in digital form."]

The weather has been pretty nice for February.  We even had a couple of spring jacket days.  I don't mess around with changing my outerwear much.  I wear my winter coat until June.  Nothing can get it off before then.  After that, nothing can get it put back on until December.  Happy holidays.

I understand that the Downtown Racine Corp. has declared the ice skating rink on Monument Square to be a success.  Hooray!  Too bad there's no zoo bushes you can jump off the rink and hide behind with your boyfriend at the time.  I always came back out proudly displaying my new hickeys.  I hid them from my mom,   After I left the house, my turtleneck dickey came off to reveal my hickeys.  Dickeys/hickeys, oh my.

I don't want to discuss politics on the national level until we get a real president.  I fear that Trump may destroy the presidency as we understand it.  Hell, I fear that he'll turn the world into a nuclear crisp.  He would probably market them: New! Nuclear Crisps!  For that glow-in-the-dark feeling!

OK.  I'm getting out there a bit.  Time to call it a column.  I hope that you can enjoy your favorite winter activities.  Better yet, I hope you can enjoy your spring ones.  I love you all.
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