Monday, April 30, 2018

"Women in Love!"

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TSE said...

The classic look of a scorned *KRAzEE* B*tch who is NOT a *KRAZEE KAT LADY*

My heart, you're breakin' my heart
Girl, you better start thinkin' somethin' real
Seems like loving you is just a crazy dream,
But do as you feel
All these crazy women,
One more crazy night
But one night's all we're given,
So, baby, leave me alone, or, baby, stay the night
(Oh, women in love)
Oh baby, make up your mind
(Make up your mind)
I know you're in love
So, baby, make up your mind (women in love)
Scream, go on and scream that your love is all you're knowin'
But, honey, if you're needing a woman just as bad as me,
You ought to be goin'