Saturday, February 9, 2019

Comment Of The Week: The Betrayal Of The White Woman

Dirtnapninja earned this week’s COTW award with a pithy take on the rift opening between White men and White women.
Of all the crimes the foe has inflicted on us, turning white females into our class enemies was the most unforgivable.
Unforgivable, because it was an engineered betrayal that struck at the strongest bond of a society: the bond between man, woman, and child. To corrupt everything else, the sexual market first had to be corrupted. And then the dominoes fell easily.
Theodora follows up with the COTW runner-up medal, likening the betrayal of our White women to an ancient tale,
They found the weakest link, like in the story of Adam and Eve. The serpent whispered: “Come with me and turn against your man, nation, tradition and ancestors, and you will have a seat at the table with our privileged minorities. Affirmative action, preferential hiring, gibsmedat as much as you want, the victimhood aura, the right to be irresponsible and to be believed no matter what you say, like them. Just betray everything you are supposed to stand for.” She listened and she obeyed.
She obeyed so well that she now serves as guardian and gatekeeper for Globohomo.

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