Saturday, February 9, 2019

Why I am NOT a Christian

They never saw it coming

Boys are now excluded from the Boy Scouts:
The Boy Scouts of America welcomed the establishment of Troop 86 in Vulcan and Troop 219 in Helena on February 1st. But these two troops are different -- no boys, all girls. The first two of their kind in Central Alabama. With the formation of these two troops, a debate has taken hold. Some think this compromises the central mission of the Boy Scouts, whereas other believe it gives girls new opportunities that they never had before.
It won't be long before men are excluded from the pulpits of Fake Christian "churches" too. This is why our ancestors didn't allow women to join men's groups in the first place.

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Unquestioning Believers continue to adhere to the Flavin Deception and ignore the Astrological significance!

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