Saturday, March 23, 2019


Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
I think that former Mayor John Dickert said it best...... 
When he claimed that there are some Embezzlers in Racine City Hall who 
need to be fired. 
Basically, these embezzlers are grossly overpaid, over-compensated, 
and under - worked at taxpayer expense. 
Increasing the Mayor's office from 3 to 5 at an expense to taxpayers 
of nearly three quarter of a million dollars! ($736,435 for 2019) is 
According to State Assembly Leader Robin Vos,  when dealing with the 
State Budget - 
"Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is still smarting from last month’s rocky 
resolution to the state budget debate, calling three Republican 
senators who struck a deal with Gov. Scott Walker to support the 
budget “terrorists.” 
 "That’s what they are,” Vos said in a WISN-TV interview that aired 
Sunday. “You don’t hold somebody hostage for your own personal 
It is apparent that Mayor Cory Mason has also held City of Racine 
Taxpayers hostage for his own personal need to increase the Mayor's 
office from 3 to 5 positions at an additional cost of $276,355! By 
State Assembly Leader Robin Vos's definition of Terrorist -  City of 
Racine Mayor Cory Mason is a Terrorist - and the members of the Common 
Council who approved his budget are Terrorists by association. 
Meanwhile..... more despicable actions in The City of Ill Repute..... 
From JT: 
RACINE — A Racine woman indicted by a federal grand jury for 
embezzling more than $775,000 from her late father’s Racine law firm — 
and using it to fund a gambling and drug problem — was sentenced 
Wednesday to serve 21 months in prison. 
Kathleen A. Fetek, 56, originally pleaded not guilty to a single count 
of mail fraud, but later pleaded guilty to the charge on Nov. 1. In 
addition to prison time, Fetek will be on supervision for three years 
after her release. She was also ordered to pay $788,277 in 
"Why Kathy Fetek felt she had the right to take money from anybody ... 
is truly despicable." 
            Fraud victim's testimony 
Likewise - City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason also feels he has the right 
to take more money from taxpayers to increase his office from 3 to 5. 
If he knew he couldn't handle the job - why then did he run for 
elective office, and why did the Common Council "sell out" the 
taxpayers and allow this outrageous increase? Every single one of you 
who voted for the Mayor's budget SOLD OUT your Electors! And thus you 
also held City of Racine taxpayers for your own personal needs and by 
the definition of State Assembly Leader Robin Vos, are Terrorists. 
I think that at City of Racine Hall there is a substantial problem 
with embezzlement, gambling with taxpayer money, and even drug abuse - 
ala Tim Tompkins and other unnamed/untested individuals. Truth must be 
hidden from Taxpayers in Racine Mayor Cory Mason's secret government 
and colluding courts. Coryuption rules the City of Ill Repute. 
Tim & Cindy


TSE said...

Looting the City of Ill Repute....

The tradition continues.

Everyone in City Government has to a gold plated boat anchor making at least $100,000 a year, plus at least $30,000 untaxed fringe.

The dumb Cows of Ratcine are Milked and Bilked by Kriminals who act as Public Officials.

OrbsCorbs said...

"The dumb Cows of Ratcine are Milked and Bilked by Kriminals who act as Public Officials"

And because the dumb Cows are in the majority, the looting will continue. Waking people up is more than internet posts can do. There would have to be public presentations made over and over. People don't want to wake up. That requires critical thinking. That's too difficult for most of the "dumb Cows." Crooked politicians have exploited this for centuries.