Monday, March 18, 2019

Meet the Foxhounds: UW-Madison group forms in opposition to Foxconn

In early February, as a UW System Board of Regents meeting began, Foxhounds members dropped banners in Union South. Within minutes, officials told them flyers and banners are not permitted in Union South except for a few reserved tables.
MADISON — They call themselves “Foxhounds,” evoking imagery of a small pack of dogs sniffing around to root out their prey.

The small coalition of mostly UW-Madison graduate students formed in opposition to Foxconn Technology Group’s partnership with the university. They say the agreement is too cozy of a relationship between a for-profit corporation under scrutiny for its labor practices, environmental record and failure to deliver on promises, and a public university governed by a principle of public service benefiting the entire state.

Recent reports about the company’s shifting plans, including a Foxconn executive acknowledging that the bulk of jobs at the Mount Pleasant facility will be for research and engineering rather than blue-collar manufacturing, are seen by some as more potential job opportunities for college graduates.

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