Friday, March 29, 2019

Jewish humor isn't

Owen Benjamin is absolutely right. What passes for Jewish so-called humor isn't funny at all. I've never found Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler, Gene Wilder, or Lenny Bruce to be even modestly amusing. Jewish "humor" is nothing more than a degenerate combination of whining, moral and cultural transgressivism, narcissistic posturing, and sexual obsession. It's so relentlessly stupid that it is borderline retarded.
. . .

The reason that comedy is dying is because it was taken over by 
subversives, and subversives are intrinsically parasitical in nature. 
They can't build, create, or even sustain anything on their own. It's 
like trying to maintain the financial sector on the basis of nothing 
except finance.

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