Friday, March 29, 2019

Old White Southern Good Ol- Boy and White Southern Male Overpaid and Overcompensated Dude City Admin.

Dear City of Ratcine Alderpersons, 
Old White Southern Good Ol- Boy and White Dude City Administrator Jeff 
Palenick is Off his rocker! 
The latest escapade: 
City of Ratcine Administrator Jeff Palenick is *BATSHIT KRAZY* 
 From Harry – aka T-Rex: 
Mr. Palenick, 
First let me express my appreciation for you providing such great 
political fodder. 
I read with interest your letters concerning citizens addressing the 
Common Council on March 5th. 
Most citizens would think that the city administrator has more 
important tasks to accomplish than walking the corridors of city hall 
to gather signatures. 
On March 5th,  my words to the common council were carefully chosen. 
Yours words were not. 
Holding government officials accountable is a basic tenet within our democracy. 
When dealing with government,  accountability does comes before civility. 
When there is no accountability, then the lessons of Gene Sharp come into play. 
Here is something else you know nothing of ………… HOTGOVERNMENT 
When government officials are confronted with accountability, they 
often claim they are being personally attacked. 
Get over it Mr. Palenick, if you are that thin skinned, get out of 
government and go back to Mommy. 
Perhaps if you really listened to what the public said at the common 
council meetings you would learn of the plights of the citizens you so 
brazenly ignore. You treat public comments as an inconvenience you 
must tolerate. You stare mindlessly into your computer screen or 
shuffle papers around as the public airs their concerns. 
So typical of disenfranchised bureaucrats. 
Silencing critics is all part of Cory Mason’s secret government. 
I quote part of your letter for reference” 
“proceeded to publicly and personally attack City Attorney Scott 
Letteney, as well as Mayor Cory Mason, and, by position reference 
Human Resources director Tim 
Thompkins, with unfounded claims and outrights lies in a manner and 
using terms explicitly designed to 
personally disparage and impugn the character and integrity of said 
employees and officials.” 
Tim Thompkins ?   Really? 
Personally attack ?    Really? 
Why are you trying to interject Mr. Thompkins into the fray? 
No inference or mention of him at all during the open public comments 
on March 5th. 
Personally attacked Scott Letteney ?  Really ?  Didn’t even mention 
his name, but there is foundation for the criticism,   Mayor – 
Coryuption ?    Yes, I did say mayor and coryuption, again, there is 
foundation for the criticism. 
You seem to have a problem with criticism, so this response should 
really give you something to whine about. 
There are medications for people that are delusional or hear voices, 
perhaps this is the wake up call you need to deal with your issues . 
Your response is laughable at best and pathetic being a more appropriate term 
As a government employee, you should be aware that criticism comes 
with the turf. 
Please reference your childish tirade to the common council and 
provide specific examples where I lied, stretched the truth or 
provided misinformation.  I am a detail type of individual and I can 
back my smack, so I am very interested in listening how you will back 
your frivolous statements and claims. 
It appears you have taken some bad advice and miscues from the master 
scofflaw Scott Letteney. 
Perhaps Scotty helped you write the letters? 
I will gladly provide you a forum on for you to make your case or I will 
return to the same venue where you can present your case in front of 
the common council. 
It is disappointing to see that the city of Racine administrator is 
blinded by the darkness of unaccountably, ineptness and fraud. It 
appears your time spent working with Mason and Letteney to undermine 
and subvert the authority of the common council has apparently taken a 
detrimental toll upon your reasoning and understanding of the checks 
and balances within government. 
So tell me Mr. Palenick, acting as the city administrator and a 
trusted member of the mayor’s inner circle, how did keeping the police 
survey a secret serve the interest of the community? 
Was Mason embarrassed by the report? Or perhaps disappointed? 
According to the Racine Journal Times, Mayor Mason now claims the 
study will cost approximately $150,000 dollars for the 24 page report, 
up from the previous announced $118,000. 
The report cost $6,000 dollars a page??!!!  Does spending that amount 
of money sound reasonable to you ?  Do you believe the money was 
wisely spent ? 
In my opinion, another example of Mayor Mason going head hunting, 
finding nothing while squandering tax dollars in his personal quest 
to exert his personal control over the city of Racine Police 
Did you even realize that Mayor Mason undermined and subverted common 
council authority when he commissioned the secret police study “by the 
hour”? I think not. 
If your pouty letters are any indication as to how you task your job 
as city administrator, then I understand why the city continues to 
decline under the “professional management team employed by the City 
of Racine”. 
The darkness of Coryuption is a plague within city government: 
Secret surveys, secret meetings, secret government,  secret courts, 
squandering of public funds, lack of  accountability, government 
bloat, doubling park fees…… all documented. 
The winds of change are in the air and the rats are scurrying for cover. 
End the plague. 
Let the sunshine of honest, open and transparent – HOT government into 
the city of Racine 
Support Sandy Weidner for Mayor. 
One more item Mr. Palenick, 
Let’s play where is  Waldo Tim Thompkins in the below common council 
address, shall we?   dudo dudo dudo 
Tim & Cindy


TSE said...

Harry Wait -

The Cicero of our times!

Anonymous said...

The loyalty of Sandy's supporters are a huge asset in the election.

Cicero may be appropriate if Sandy is elected mayor on Tuesday.

More on Wednesday morning.